Don’t turn back – we’ll help you pack!

It’s almost time to move into the Neighborhood! We don’t want you to have to turn back, so we are here to help you know what to pack. Each room is furnished with your own bed, dresser, desk, and chair, but there are a few extra things you might want to bring to make your new room feel like home. We’ve even provided some examples to help make shopping that much easier!


In order to keep our halls safe, all electrical devices and appliances must be UL approved and require under 700 watts to operate, as well as have auto shut-off features and indicator lights to let you know when its on. Below are popular appliances in our halls, as well as some updated ones that are now permitted.

Refrigerators Under 4.5 Cubic Feet – Only One Allowed Per Room

Microwaves Under 700 Watts – Only One Allowed Per Room

New This Year! Air Fryers

New This Year! Toaster Ovens


Slow Cooker

Coffee Makers

Tea Kettles

Other permitted appliances in the halls include: curling iron, irons, electric razors and toothbrushes, heating blankets, surge protectors and protected multi-plugs (must have protected light indicator and on/off switch)

Check out our handy What To Bring List for a comprehensive shopping list to take with you to stock up on dorm supplies! Everything from cleaning to sleeping is covered on it, with notes about what to prepare for in different halls.