Month: June 2020

Covid-19 Updates

Dear Bronchos,


We are looking forward to welcoming our residents to campus housing this fall! The Housing & Residential Engagement staff is working hard to ensure our halls are a safe and welcoming home for our residents as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. This preparation also extends to dining services, as our partners at Chartwells implement a nationwide plan to protect students in all their dining locations.


We have put in place a set of protocols for the reopening of our facilities. These will be adjusted as needed to appropriately respond to changes brought on by COVID-19.


  • Transparent barriers have been installed at customer service locations in Bausher Place, residence halls, and dining locations.
  • All doorknobs to each residential unit will be disinfected daily.
  • All public doors and card swipes will be disinfected twice daily.
  • Bathrooms in Murdaugh Hall, West Hall and the Quad will be cleaned and disinfected twice daily.
  • Increased the availability of single room options
  • All soap dispensers in the halls will be converted to touchless dispensers.
  • Community spaces will have reduced occupancy limits to accommodate social distancing of at least 6 feet.
  • Smaller community activities and online activities will be planned to accommodate social distancing of at least 6 feet.
  • Increasing to-go option availability and removing self-serve options in dining facilities.


In addition, plans for a multi-day move in process are underway. Residents will receive information about individual move in times, best practices for social distancing while moving items into the halls, and other relevant information in the weeks to come.


We are continuing to work with university administration and health officials, as well as following the guidance of the Oklahoma Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as we navigate this pandemic together. Students are encouraged to read university email messages and check the housingand university coronavirus webpages for updates on services. The changes COVID-19 has brought to our daily lives are unprecedented, but we continue to strive to make campus housing at UCO a place to be engaged, secure and successful during your time with us.


See you soon!


Post-Thanksgiving Break Pro-Rated Credit Details

Due to the recently announced changes to the fall 2020 semester, Housing & Residential Engagement understands there are questions about living in residence halls after Thanksgiving Break. We want to reassure students they do not have to move out of their residence hall when the campus moves to alternative instruction for the final two weeks of the semester following Thanksgiving Break.

To Our UCO Housing Community

Thank you for the honesty and courage many of you have shown in sharing your perspectives and experiences involving questions of diversity and inclusion in our Housing community. Words and actions that do not support diversity and inclusion, nor the university’s values of Character, Community and Civility, will not be tolerated in our community. The open forum held June 9 is the beginning of thoughtful, purposeful action focused on diversity and inclusion in the UCO Housing Community.

An initial outline of a three-pronged plan has been committed to by the Housing Department and includes:


  • Complete a review of current policies related to operations, conduct, and hiring, with subsequent recommendations and implementation plans by the start of the fall 2020 semester.
  • Establish a new position dedicated to diversity and inclusion practices within the Housing department.
  • Create an anonymous reporting platform to be implemented by the start of the fall 2020 semester.
  • Develop standardized hiring rubric for all housing positions that includes diversity and inclusion criteria.
  • Implement additional documentation in the employee conduct review process.


  • Supplement current bystander and ally training with implicit bias and diversity training for Housing administration, staff and residents.
  • Annual training about university retaliation policies.


  • One to two Town Halls each semester by Housing administration and Resident Assistants to inform the community about progress, current services and policies and to allow opportunities for feedback.
  • Increased outreach to identify and encourage diversity in the Resident Assistant application pool.

We are interested in your feedback and suggestions on our action plan as we progress. This is an ongoing conversation and learning process. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at or 405-974-3636.

Additionally, much of the current criticism and frustration has surrounded the appointment of a specific Residence Hall Director. This individual is no longer employed at the university. Due to privacy and employment laws, we cannot share further details.

Again, thank you. Your passion in the pursuit of social justice and accountability is a testament to your care and concern for your fellow students and the university as a whole. Working together, we are a stronger, more connected community.

Scott Monetti

Director of Housing & Residential Engagement