Save For A Rainy Day 

A Rainy Day Doesn’t Always Mean Less Fun 

We all have had the experience of going to sleep with dry weather, and then waking up to the sound of rain hitting the window. Some find this sound comforting, while others feel confined when a rain shower rolls in. Brighten a gloomy day with our tips to make the most of your day/living on campus when the weather doesn’t cooperate.  

Explore campus 

Don’t feel like staying in one place? Head over to the Wellness Center for a run around their indoor track; experience the Innovation Studio in Max Chambers Library, equipped with 3D printers and virtual reality headsets; or get a group together for a family dinner cooked fresh in the Quad Kitchen.  

Cuddle up with a good book 

Class work can be tedious and absorb most of a student’s weekly energy, but rainy days are a good excuse to take some time for yourself. Put on your favorite pair of socks, stay in bed all day, and indulge in a book that is not related to your class material. Make it a social event and see if your friends or roommate want to start the same book and create a small book club for the day. Reading can be stress-free and helps engage your imagination in ways many other inside activities cannot.  

Play a game 

If you are stuck inside for the day, chances are so are other students. All our residence halls have board games available for check-out from an RA or the Hall Director. Gather your neighbors together and engage in some friendly competition in the hall lobby.  

Don’t want to be confined to a table and chair for the day? Residence halls are great places to have a game of Mafia, Charades, or the Question Game, and are big enough for a lively game of hide and seek.  

Smartphone games like Heads Up! And Evil Apples are available on your phone store and are popular options that can be used for a group game.  

Have a movie marathon 

Now is your opportunity to raid the halls collection of DVD’s and chances are someone in your hall has a Netflix login. If so, have a movie marathon or binge watch a show in the lobby of your building. Gather up pillows and blankets, bring snacks, and spend time getting to know the people living around you. Take it one step further and make the experience interactive with movie-related bingo cards or a competition to find the easter eggs in the show or movie you’re watching.  

Catch up on studying 

Maybe not the most popular suggestion but having a day to spend inside can be a great time to catch up on homework and studying. A rainy day is a great time for productivity for when you have a paper due in the coming weeks or a test you can go ahead and make flashcards for. If several students in your hallway have homework create a study group and play some calming music out loud to keep everyone on track. Getting ahead of your classwork will make relaxing even more enjoyable.  

Catch up on sleep 

College is a busy time for every student and sleep is one thing that can get pushed aside during the more stressful times. A rainy day is a perfect day to let the worries of classes subside and relax all day. Utilize a white noise app to aid in relaxing, or just listen to the rain, and enjoy catching up on some Z’s.  

Clean your room: 

Gloomy days can sometimes make you stir crazy. Cleaning and organizing your room are a good activity to help pass the time and make you feel productive. Wash your sheets and laundry, reorganize your desk and closet, or rearrange furniture to create a fresh and inviting space. During your typical day, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to tidy up your space, but a rainy day allows you some time to really focus on making your room feel like home.  

Get creative: 

Have you been wanting to learn a new hobby? What about trying to paint a picture or write a short story? Having time to spend inside can allow you to explore projects you have been overlooking. These things can also be fun in a group, so try setting up a painting class in the lobby or creating a story together.