Are You Ready to #StayCentral?

Are You Staying Central?  

We know the fall semester is only half-way through, but here at UCO Housing we are all about planning! Our “Stay Central” campaign just launched and is a great way for students to get ahead in planning for next year, while taking advantage of some exciting perks like a brand new, lower cost, returner only meal plan. Let’s break down the details and help you guarantee the best housing experience in 2020-2021! 

It’s time to #StayCentral! 

When: October 9 through October 31, 2019 

Who Qualifies: UCO Residents currently living on campus for the 2019-2020 school year 

What Do They Get: Residents who complete their application in the promotion period will receive: 

    • Early application access 
    • Free summer housing in the University Commons 
    • Special returner only meal plan with less cost, less meals, and more flexibilty 
      • 125 meals + $300 Flex Dollars for $1595 per semester 

Where: Go to to complete the application 

Why: If you’re already living on campus, you know what a unique experience the residence halls provide to your overall university career and that you can’t find anywhere else. Stay closer to classes and activities, stay engaged at a higher rate, and stay successful with a higher GPA by staying on campus again next year.  

Don’t believe us? Read on to find out why other residents decided to #StayCentral 

“As an incoming freshman, I was super nervous about college. I wasn’t sure if I would make any friends, or if anyone would even like me at all. However, that anxiety was immediately relieved when I took my first steps into West Hall. The second I passed through those doors, I felt warmth and comradery. Everyone was so caring and genuine from the beginning. It’s important to feel like you belong, like you have a place. Living on campus was probably the first time I felt a sense of belonging. I chose to#StayCentral for my third year mainly because I know this is simply my place to be.” –Perry Jake Heckle

I decided to #StayCentral because living on campus is a great way to meet people each year! It also is nice getting to wake up every morning and walk to class instead of drive!” Kinlee Allen




 “The reason I chose to #StayCentral for three years is because of the sense of community that West Hall offered and all the friends that I made within housing. Without my friends from my time living in West Hall, my life would not be the same.”  –Paryssa Sechrist


“I chose to #StayCentral because it is a safe environment for me and I liked being involved in the activities that they offer while living on campus. Another reason is because of the connection with other

students on campus, which helped expand my abilities to make connections within my major and friendships with people from other majors.” –Cecelia King