• Recycling Team Unite!
    by Kelly Vaughn, Assistant Director of Physical Plant – UCO is committed to sustainability and green living! The Facilities Management Recycling team regularly collects the following recyclable items across campus: paper, cardboard, plastics stamped with the #1 recycle symbol, aluminum/tin, and books.  Items are collected weekly and regularly taken to Batliner Recycling Center in Oklahoma City.  […]
  • Infinitely Recyclable Glass
    The City of Edmond stopped taking glass in their curbside recycling back in 2019, and UCO doesn’t recycle glass in their regular recycle locations. But, this commodity is in high-demand by glass manufacturers and is infinitely recyclable. In fact… Melting recycled glass down happens at lower temperatures than smelting it together from sand; Lower temperature […]
  • A Year in Review, 2021-2022
    A LOOK BACK… Our Central Oklahoma Sustainability Collaborative (COSC) kicked off one year ago, May 2021, and we now have a blog, social media presence, and ~80 members (people on our email list). We met 4-5 times as a big group (mostly virtually) and heard from UCO’s Kelly Vaughn about recycling, Phil Jones from City […]
  • UCO Earth Week 2022
    We invite the UCO community and broader Edmond community to help us celebrate earth the week of April 18-22. Now is the time for us to to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably) to preserve and protect our health, our families, and our livelihoods. These events are free and no pre-registration is required. As for the […]
  • Edmond’s Sustainability Activities
    We invite the UCO community to attend our next event: COSC welcomes Phil Jones, Sustainability Planner for the City of Edmond, to hear about Edmond’s sustainability initiatives and plans. In addition, attendees will hear about updates on UCO’s sustainability activities, including: The upcoming Earth Day Fair, Wednesday, April 20 at Broncho Lake Our developing proposal […]