• Collect Rain and Create Compost
    by Mark Walvoord — The Central Oklahoma Storm Water Alliance (COSWA) is partnering with a company, Upcycle Products, Inc. to offer discounted rates on rain barrels and compost bins for their members cities…including Edmond. First the facts, then the sustainability explanation. Mail-in order forms are due by April 10, 2022 and online orders by April […]
  • Sustainability Books – for You, for the Kids, for the Holidays
    –by Ed Cunliff I would not have come across these books had it not been for some literature from the Nature Conservancy. Trying hard to be a good grandparent, and the ruling is still out, I thought books would be the perfect gift for the season. You may want to consider these if you are […]
  • COSC an official FSSA
    The Central Oklahoma Sustainability Collaborative (COSC) applied to be an official UCO Faculty & Staff Association in November 2021. However, we included a special request – to become a Faculty, Staff, & Student Association! COSC seeks the input and perspective of all members of our campus community, which is why our leadership team includes a […]
  • MOU – City of Edmond
    The Central Oklahoma Sustainability Collaborative at UCO is excited to announce that the University of Central Oklahoma has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Edmond entitled “Toward a Sustainable Future.” It was signed in November 2021 by UCO President, Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar, Edmond Mayor, Darrell A. Davis, and Edmond City Manager, Larry […]
  • The Office of Sustainability’s Budget Cut
    UCentral News posted an article on June 14, 2021 about UCO’s decision to eliminate the Office of Sustainability. Our Central Oklahoma Sustainability Collaborative (COSC) emerged as a result of this decision to attempt to carry on some of the sustainability initiatives on campus and in our community. Read the full article here: