Photo of outdoor recycle bins in the snow on UCO's campus

Recycling Team Unite!

by Kelly Vaughn, Assistant Director of Physical Plant –

UCO is committed to sustainability and green living! The Facilities Management Recycling team regularly collects the following recyclable items across campus:

  • paper,
  • cardboard,
  • plastics stamped with the #1 recycle symbol,
  • aluminum/tin, and
  • books. 

Items are collected weekly and regularly taken to Batliner Recycling Center in Oklahoma City. 

Since 2019 we have diverted over 548,165 pounds of items from our Edmond landfills!

Pounds Recycled Per Fiscal Year (FY)


Facilities Management is especially excited to announce the launch of new maps that identify the locations of over 400 recycling bins across campus. Check them out to find the recycling locations nearest you!

Finally, we would also like to promote a temporary glass recycling event happening now, right here on campus.  If you would like to participate, we also have free recycling boxes available for you at the Facilities Management Supply Desk so you can collect your glass off site or in your office suite, then bring the items to the site to recycle.  The glass collection dumpster is located in the parking lot (#51) between the Facilities Management building and the Baseball Field at University & Washington.

We call on you, the campus community, to do your part by merely taking advantage of these free services. It only takes a small amount of time and effort to make a lasting difference in our community!

Photo of "Glass Only" dumpster beside a map of where it is located (University Dr. and Washington, Edmond, OK)