UCO Office of Student Conduct/Title IX Practicum Reflection

I completed my Forensic Science practicum at the Offices of Student Conduct and Title IX at UCO. Title IX has an extensive history and immense importance for all educational institutions today and still has room and the need to grow. At UCO, Title IX’s policies are upheld by an office of staff who perform interviews and investigations, provide resources, and assign sanctions. As their Intern, I performed a variety of duties including note-taking, interviewing, and completing an individual semester project. This assignment provided me with life-skills such as professionalism and impartiality as well as giving me a better picture of what I would like to do with my Forensic Science degree in the future. I was gratified to realize during this practicum placing that I was actively using the information that I learned in classes like Criminal Procedures, Behavioral Aspects of Crime Scenes, and Forensic Psychology. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and truly believe that I have gained skills that I will take into my career.