fin whale

Shoals Field Wildlife Forensic Science Study Tour

This amazing whale photograph was taken by UCO undergraduate student Jackson Dunn, while viewing marine wildlife with UCO classmates and faculty from the deck of the University of New Hampshire Research Vessel (R/V) Gulf Challenger, during our recent Gulf of Maine travel course. Fin whales can attain a length of 80 feet and weigh in excess of 70 tons.  UCO students and faculty explored oceanic wildlife in the Gulf of Maine during their participation in Field Wildlife Forensic Science 2022. The marine forensic science and wildlife conservation travel course is a semiannual, collaborative effort of the W. Roger Webb Forensic Science Institute, the UCO Department of Biology, the CMS Center for Wildlife Forensic Science and Conservation Studies, and the Shoals Marine Laboratory. UCO participants joined students and faculty from other academic institutions and government agencies and engaged in transformative marine biology field station and oceanic research vessel experiences. UCO faculty included Drs. Wayne Lord, Rhonda Williams, and Victoria Jackson.