Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Practicum

During my Practicum with Oklahoma State’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, or OCME, I gained irreplaceable experience. The culture, attitudes, and passion for forensic pathology and investigation that is present within every individual at OCME truly embody the nature of compassion that should be presented with servicing decedents and their loved ones. Within OCME, there are numerous professions that merge to achieve the goal of establishing cause and manner of death while providing information and resources to the bereaved. As a student who is interested in investigative work, forensic pathology, and the study of grief, my time with OCME was emotionally fulfilling while allowing me to gain professional experience in each of these fields. The team of Medicolegal death investigators with whom I shadowed presented a complex understanding of a variety of subjects within law enforcement, forensics, and social work. As such, I had the ability to bring in knowledge that I have gained from my degree programs and apply such knowledge to their everyday duties. As a Practicum student, I was able to attend death scenes, assist and observe in the morgue during post-mortem examinations, listen to death calls while writing information on call sheets, and more. Although there is standard protocol in each of their responsibilities as death investigators, they exhibit an ability to adapt to the uniqueness present within every case.”