CARE Center Reflection

Practicum at the CARE Center


“I completed my practicum at the CARE Center this semester which is Oklahoma County’s Child Advocacy Center. At the center we offer forensic interviews, family advocacy meetings, mental health coordination, and education programs for both children and adults regarding body safety and reporting abuse. The forensic interviews were all different pertaining to the individual, the interviewer, the case, and any relevant issues pertaining to the case. While observing forensic interviews over the course of several months and completing online training programs, I began to understand the techniques and nuances that each interview requires. I was able to apply my education into the field and get a hands-on experience that helped guide me into the field of law enforcement.”

OSBI Drug Chemistry Unit Practicum 


“The Practicum in Forensic Science requirement of my degree plan was fulfilled through interning in the Drug Chemistry Unit of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. During my time in the unit, I gained extensive experience in reading protocols, performing instrument maintenance, and observing the processing of case samples. I was able to apply the knowledge I learned throughout my undergraduate career and see the concepts put into action. Additionally, several of the analysts in the unit gave me career advice and told me stories of interesting cases they had seen to emphasize the importance of constant learning and observing. This experience was very much worthwhile and provided me with hands-on experience which will benefit me in both my academic and professional career.”


Analytical Research Laboratory Internship 


“I was an intern for the research and development department at ARL Bio Pharma. ARL Bio Pharma performs analytical and microbiological testing for the pharmaceutical industry and is in downtown Oklahoma City, OK. During my time as an intern, I was able to utilize my knowledge and experience that I have obtained at the University of Central Oklahoma. I was also able to get a chance to work with laboratory analysts and laboratory technicians in a professional setting. I spent the majority of my time shadowing the laboratory technicians of the R&D department. I was trained on the tasks that are required of the laboratory technicians and I had an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a successful laboratory technician in the R&D department of ARL Bio Pharma. The experience was very rewarding. It was an awesome opportunity to be able to work in a laboratory and utilize my degree that I have been working hard to obtain. In addition to this I was able to be a part of a great and friendly work environment and I was able to meet kind and intelligent laboratory analysts and laboratory technicians. By the end of my internship, I was encouraged to apply for a position within the company.”