Training Events – 2011

2/24 Mike Wieners, FBI Laboratory – Fingerprint misidentification in the Madrid Train Bombing

3/10 Erin Henry, OSBI Forensic Science Services – Quality Assurance in Crime Laboratories

Dr. Ken Goddard, Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory, Ashland, Oregon
3/21 7:00 – 8:40pm “Wildlife Forensics” FSI Room 106
3/22 2:30 – 3:45pm “Underwater Forensics” FSI Room 106

4/7 Cindy Cunningham, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics – Testifying in Court as an Expert Witness

4/21 Dr. Max Houck, West Virginia University – “What is ‘Forensic’? What is ‘Science’?”

Familial DNA Searching to Solve Unsolved Crimes
Rock Harmon, former Alameda County DA, Oakland, CA
Tuesday, September 27

The Mirage Man: Bruce Ivins, the Anthrax Attacks, and America’s Rush to War
Seminar and Book Signing by Author and Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist David Willman, LA Times Investigative Reporter, Washington, DC Bureau
Tuesday, October 4