Training Events – 2006

Microscopic Hair Comparison and Mitochondrial DNA Training, October 16-20, 2006 – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) and the Forensic Science Institute sponsored a training school on microscopic hair comparisons and mitochondrial DNA analysis.

Bomb Factories & the First Responder, October 25, 2006 – The Forensic Science Institute hosted one of the world’s leading experts on explosive peroxides. Dr. Kirk Yeager from the FBI Laboratory  presented a lecture specifically designed for the law enforcement, first responder and bomb squad communities. As Dr. Yeager stated, “the newest series of explosives to take hold in terrorist arsenals across the globe has been the peroxide family. Two explosives in particular, TATP and HMTD have emerged as serious threats.” Dr. Yeager has personally responded to scenes around the world following the use of these explosives to include Morocco, Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Uzbekistan. These explosives and precursors have also been encountered by law enforcement in the United States.

DNA Auditor Training, November 8-9, 2006 – The Forensic Science Institute brought together two of the FBI’s leading experts on DNA analysis. Mr. Richard Guerrieri, Chief of the DNA Analysis Unit in the FBI Laboratory and Ms. Heather Seubert, Examiner with the DNA Analysis Unit, presented a two day DNA Auditor workshop.The DNA Auditor Workshop provided current and previously qualified DNA examiners with a comprehensive review and interpretation of the “DNA Audit Document, July 2004.” In order to comply with future NDIS and CODIS audit requirements, affected DNA laboratories will be required to have personnel trained on this document. ASCLD/LAB DNA inspectors are also required to receive this training in order to continue performing inspections.

Forensic Science for Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys, November 15, 2006 – The Forensic Science Institute provided a seminar on basic and advanced topics in forensic science of interest to prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Chemical & Biological Terrorism, December 12, 2006 – The Forensic Science Institute hosted one of the leading experts on Chemical and Biological Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Dr. Ben Garrett, Senior Scientist with the FBI Laboratory, presented a lecture specifically designed for the law enforcement, first responder, and the forensic science communities.