History of the Committee

The university-level Committee on Diversity was established by then President Don Betz in 2013, in response to continuing requests from the African American Faculty and Staff Association and recommendations from then Provost William Radke’s Diversity Action Team. The Committee on Diversity is charged with assessing the climate for diversity on campus and with developing initiatives to support students and faculty and staff members from diverse backgrounds. The Committee was also charged with creating a prominent and easily accessible website devoted to diversity on campus as a central electronic resource for students, faculty, staff, and external constituents who are seeking information about the full range of programs and initiatives that foster and sustain diversity within the Central community.

Former President Don Betz named UCO’s Assistant Vice President of Human Resources to chair the Committee on Diversity in 2013. The Inclusive Community website is the culmination of the committee’s primary initiative to develop a centralized web location for diversity programming and information. Committee members work to consistently collect and gather information and resources to populate the site with viable content. This site will remain a work in progress as new initiatives and programs are implemented.

The Committee on Diversity strives to create an institutional climate that encourages the presence and that values the contributions of faculty, staff, and students with different identities at every level of social interaction, organizational structure, and institutional authority.