About Us

The Committee on Diversity recognizes we sit on the traditional lands of the Caddo and Wichita people. Learn more on the UCO Land Acknowledgement website.

Our Mission

As one of Oklahoma‚Äôs oldest institutions of higher learning, the University of Central Oklahoma acknowledges the sacrifices and struggles that groups of individuals experienced and continue to experience in achieving equality and justice. With leadership from the university’s institutional Office of Inclusive Community, the Committee on Diversity articulates, challenges, advances, and collaborates in implementing University policies, plans, and programs related to the presence and contributions of faculty, staff, and students with different identities. Through our developing policies, plans, and programs that shape the institutional climate and that serve diverse communities, the Committee, as led by the Office of Inclusive Community, fulfills its institutional role and assists the university in realizing its Diversity Vision.

Our Vision

The University of Central Oklahoma promotes and sustains an inclusive community that embraces diversity and advances equity in every area of the institution; to fulfill this vision, the university engages in ongoing, reflective efforts to foster a sense of belonging and to provide empowering transformative learning experiences for all students, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders, including those who have experienced or continue to experience exclusion or marginalization in higher education and our society.


Diversity results from the intersectional engagement of values, perspectives, and worldviews that emerge from different identities and lived experiences such as, but not limited to, race and/or ethnicity; gender, including gender identity and/or expression; sexual orientation; dis/ability; age; religion; socioeconomic and/or class status; language; national origin and/or immigration status; status as a veteran; learning style; and organizational role.

Contact Us

If you wish to serve on the Committee, have topics or concerns related to diversity, equity, or inclusion you would like brought to the attention of the Committee, or have a question for the Committee, please contact the Office of Inclusive Community