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I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard………..

Pile of Dollar Bills

“I wish I had come to visit you before I made the decision to……..(fill in the blank.).”

In my previous business consulting life, I often found that we were the first people, outside the family, a business owner came to for objective advice.  In many cases, they came because something was going wrong in their business life, or there was an unease that they couldn’t seem to figure out, or things weren’t working the way they anticipated.

So often we traced it back to a particular decision that was made, and how that decision was playing out in the company.  That decision might have been made for many reasons – lack of knowledge, experience, perspective, or just some bad advice.  More often than not, decisions were being made in a personal vacuum!

In my experience, business owners are a pretty independent lot, which is why they are business owners in the first place(!), and many seek advice from no one other than themselves.  Or, they run things by a spouse, or a brother-in-law, and that may not be a good thing either, for various reasons!  Or spouses disagreed considerably about decisions!  I have often found myself in a situation where the spouses came to talk over decisions because I had the best interests of the BUSINESS in mind, and not which party was “right”.

Customized Education can help!  Our Business Advantage Forums, based on a peer advisory board model with like-minded, but non-competitive businesses can provide that objectivity.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have others around you who can “have your back” in helping you think through issues, and for you do do the same for them.  What a powerful tool!    Groups are forming right now!  Click here to express an interest, and we’ll contact you.

Susan Urbach, EDFP
Business Strategist for Customized Education
University of Central Oklahoma

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