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Simulation of Flow in Porous Media

Note, energy production is not the only application of this project. One application that could be simulated in a similar fashion would be modeling of sequestration of greenhouse gases such as CO2 in the rock formations of interest in energy production.  


In this project we aim to improve understanding of flow characteristics in a variety of media types under a range of flow conditions that are observed in production environments. The results will be of use in predicting the production value of reservoirs. 

Effects of Non-symmetric Flow Rates on Fluid Mixing in a Micromixer

We are studying the effects of a mixing two anti-parallel fluid streams with different flow rates to determine the flow rate ratios at particular flow speeds that will improve mixing in micromixers.. There are many applications of micromixers in chemical detection and in biomedical detectors and other devices. The false color plot above uses blue to represent one unmixed fluid and red to represent the other. Other colors indicate various degrees of mixing. This work was supported by National Science Foundation grant ACI-#1429702.

Understanding Turbulence in Active Microscale Mixers

We are studying the effects of a variable electric field to drive mixing in a micromixer and the possible generation of turbulence in the process. Iso-surfaces of velocity are shown here, where blue indicates a low speed and red a high speed. We are also examining entropy generation rates due to advection and diffusion to understand the interplay of irreversibility increase due to entropy generation and improved mixing. This work is supported by National Science Foundation grant ACI-#1429702.