Computer Science Department

A new undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity program is being offered starting Fall 2022. The new cybersecurity certificate program offers excellent opportunities for students interested in joining the cybersecurity workforce. This program aims to prepare students to become well-rounded cybersecurity specialists, not only with must-have technical skills required for securing software, systems, and networks but also with in-depth knowledge and core practices in incident responses and cyber operations. Students will learn to conduct their roles with an ethical responsibility specific to their work environments, become proficient at communicating with people at different levels in an organization, and engage in continuous education to deal with new threats and vulnerabilities evolved with technological advances.  Students can pursue the certificate independently or jointly with a B.S in Computer Science or B.S. in Software Engineering degree with only a few additional credit hours. Multiple courses were designed to help students prepare for industry-leading Computing Technology Industry Association certificates as a partner of CompTIA.

The program is supported by a group of five core faculty members with years of academic and industrial experience in cybersecurity. Dr. John Rhee, the director of the cybersecurity program, has more than nine years of experience in an industry research lab in addition to his Ph.D. study at Purdue University, which is well known for its strong cybersecurity program, CERIAS. Dr. Rhee and faculty members cordially invite and welcome prospective students and other stakeholders of cybersecurity to join the program to become cybersecurity leaders, obtain a high-quality education, conduct exciting research, and prepare for future opportunities in a robust cybersecurity workforce.