Two CMS Faculty Receive OK-INBRE RPI Grants

Two professors in our college recently received OK-INBRE Research Project Investigator grants totaling $594,753.

Dr. Mohammed Robi Hossan, Associate Professor of Engineering & Physics, will receive $344,753 to develop fluidic devices (flow diverters and stents) to regulate hemodynamic parameters for the treatment of vascular diseases including brain aneurysms and remodeling of the vascular network to a normal physiological state. Dr. Hossan has been involved in fundamental research on fluid mechanics, electrokinetics and development of microfluidic devices for various biomedical applications including understanding the role of fluid dynamics in activation of biochemical signal pathways. The PI, Dr. Hossan, has already established a microfabrication and fluidic experimental facilities in his “Microsystems Engineering Laboratory (MEL)” for design and development of fluidic devices at UCO.

Dr. Nesreen Alsbou, Assistant Professor of Engineering & Physics, will receive $250,000 to use a portable and low-cost microwave imaging system designed and built in her Internet of Things (IoT) research lab to detect and prevent neural tissue damage, specifically neuroinflammation caused by microbubble-associated cavitation damage, during traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The research will focus on the detection and identifying of the microbubbles and collapsing those microbubbles immediately after TBI using in vitro and in vivo blast tube test models. The PI Dr. Alsbou has established an Internet of Things (IoT) research lab at UCO for the design and development of smart devices for many different applications such as smart phantoms, smart medical devices, smart hospitals, smart homes, smart streets, and smart cities. The proposed project stems from a developed microwave detection system to successfully detect microbubbles after sudden agitation, which was possible from Faculty on Campus (FOC) grant and an OK-INBRE mini grant.


Both professors wish to thank OK-INBRE for its generosity.


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