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UCO Funeral Service Class Explores The History of OKC Funeral Service

For the third straight year, a funeral service intersession took on the challenge to document the origins of the funeral service profession in Oklahoma City.  A few years ago, one of our classes took a keen interest in the origins of the profession in Oklahoma City, and it was discovered quickly that if this history is not documented, soon it would be lost forever.  This journey has taken UCO students to various funeral homes around the city speaking with directors, owners, and managers with first-hand knowledge of this history.  Students have also been able to glean information from the Oklahoma Historical Society, self-proclaimed historians, online searches, as well as discover information from visiting the oldest cemetery in Oklahoma City.  This has been an organic process, each class takes the work of the previous class and works to improve the final class presentation, as well as further document this history.  It is our hope to continue this very interesting project moving forward.

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