Department of Funeral Service Thriving in Difficult Times

As many areas in higher education are struggling, the UCO Department of Funeral Service is thriving.  Not only is the department experiencing unprecedented growth in majors and credit hour production, the department is also a national leader with respect to passing the required National Board Exam (NBE).  As many funeral service programs struggled to address how to deliver their educational programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UCO program was positioned to operate as closely as possible to business as usual, because of the department’s dedication to a strong distance education presence.  This has translated into continued success on the NBE which is required for licensure.  Between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021, the national NBE pass rate was only 68% on the Arts exam and only 57% on the Science exam.  UCO students once again delivered, with an 89% Arts pass rate, and an 85% Science pass rate.


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