Featured Faculty- Steve Smith M.S. Lecturer

Steve is a full-time lecturer in Human Anatomy and has been teaching in various capacities at UCO for over ten years. His Master’s degree is in Biology with a specialization in Human Anatomy. Steve has taught as an assistant for five different human anatomy instructors. He absorbed as much knowledge as possible from each of his mentors (also considered as friends) and tried to incorporate their insight and experience into his concept-based style of teaching. Steve’s instructional methodology is different than his predecessors, in that he employs a “manage by walking around” classroom approach. Steve speaks one-on-one with each student many times during class. Students respond to instruction better when they know an instructor really cares about them and their understanding of the material. The small class sizes at UCO contribute to the efficacy of this approach to teaching.

His ultimate concern while teaching human anatomy is to produce prepared students that are marketable and productive in the medical and funeral service community. Steve is not comfortable sending students to advanced-level medical programs, or funeral homes, without proper exposure to human cadavers and other essential training aids. Students should leave his classroom with an understanding of many Latin terms. Students become proficient with these terms, which aid in locating various structures on human cadavers. Concept-based instruction (instead of rote memorization) helps students construct a thorough understanding of the human body and its component parts.

Steve is the anatomist for the Funeral Service Department, teaching the Introduction to Human Anatomy course required by all funeral service students. He is also an instructor for the W. Roger Webb Forensic Science Institute. He teaches Biological and Forensic Anthropology, specializing in Human Osteology.

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