Chemistry Faculty Spotlight: Stephanie (Skiles) Jones

Stephanie Skiles Jones

Stephanie (Skiles) Jones is in her third year of a tenure-track appointment in the UCO Department of Chemistry. Prior to the tenure-track position, she served in a series of one-year positions at UCO, so she is at the start of her sixth year as a full-time faculty member at UCO. Stephanie came to UCO from Texas A&M, where she earned her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and then taught a large-enrollment lecture for a year. Prior to that, she earned Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Wayland Baptist University in Texas. Stephanie likens chemistry to a logic puzzle, although she also likes that while it can answer some questions, it always leads to more questions.

Over her 11 semesters at UCO, Stephanie has taught lecture and lab courses in Introductory Chemistry (for Allied Health majors), General Chemistry (for science majors), as well as courses for chemistry majors. Stephanie enjoys teaching at UCO for a number of reasons. The smaller class sizes allow for more interactions with her students, and UCO encourages faculty to work at developing and refining their teaching. She enjoys the opportunity to mentor students in their capstone projects as they get closer to graduation, as this gives her a chance to see the development of students throughout their undergraduate years. Her research projects have included collaborations using TLC as a tool to identify lichens, and using various chemical and instrumental techniques to identify types of wild grasses.

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys baking, which she claims is just chemistry with sugar. Having just gotten married, Stephanie is also in the process of merging two households into one.