ABET Accreditation

Normally, we use this space to provide information regarding one of our students or alumni. Instead, this semester we wanted to share some good news about the ABET accreditation of our engineering programs, which took place this past year. Our department had four programs up for accreditation:

BS in Mechanical Engineering (ME)
BS in Electrical Engineering (EE)
BS in Biomedical Engineering (BME)
BS in Engineering Physics (EP)

The ABET review cycle is 6-years. The EP and BME programs were last reviewed and accredited in 2013-14, and they came up for review again in the 2019-20 cycle, along with our new ME and EE degrees. About two weeks ago, we received notice that all of our programs were accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) with no deficiencies, weaknesses, or concerns. We had to resolve a few issues that popped up during the site visit last fall.  We would like to extend a grateful thank you to the many alumni and Industrial Advisory Board members who pitched in to help.

As a faculty, we believe that one of the strengths of our program is the interdisciplinary interaction on projects up to and including senior design. One of the issues that came up in the ABET review involved making sure that interdisciplinary senior design projects had an appropriate amount of content for each of the engineering disciplines represented in the project. Our solution was to add additional content advisors on these projects. For example, if a project requires two EE students and one ME student, and the primary advisor is an EE faculty member, then an additional ME content advisor will now be assigned to make sure that there is suitable content for the ME student. The ME content advisor will also assess the ME student’s contributions to the project.