Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Leann Laubach

Dr. Leann Laubach graduated with a BS, Nursing degree from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1987. After obtaining her nursing license she worked as a staff nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit for 14 years. In 2005 she began teaching full-time at UCO after finishing her Master of Science with an emphasis in Nursing Education at Southern Nazarene University. She completed her PhD in 2015 from Oklahoma City University.

While at UCO Leann has primarily taught Pediatric Nursing, Introduction to Nursing, Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice, and several other courses. Dr. Laubach also teaches Advanced Nursing Research in the MS, Nursing program, and has taught in the RN to BS program at UCO. Outside of her teaching responsibilities, Dr. Laubach created and manages the UCO Nursing website, assigns students to the nursing connection groups, and has acted as the Career Advancement Coordinator from 2014-2017 and the Assistant Chairperson from 2017-2019. Currently Dr. Laubach serves as the Baccalaureate Program Coordinator. In addition to this work, she has participated in the faculty mentor program since its inception. She is also working with the Inter-Professional Practice/ Inter-Professional Education Committee which has a goal to create student education experiences between disciplines and across departments and colleges.

In the classroom Dr. Laubach prefers to use a transformative teaching style and her research interests focus around methods to improve student learning in the classroom and in the clinical setting. Her greatest interests include teaching using simulation. Her dissertation topic was on student learning based on instructor engagement in design, although Dr. Laubach also admits she can turn almost anything into a research question.

As a member of the Council on Undergraduate Research, Dr. Laubach was elected to be a Councilor for the Health Sciences Division for 2018-2021. After serving in this capacity for a year, she was elected chair of the division. In spring 2018 she was thrilled to have 6 students present at the National Council on Undergraduate Research Conference held at UCO. In spring 2019, 11 students representing the nursing department presented at the research conference held at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. At this same conference, Dr. Laubach and Dr. Barbara Arnold presented on teaching in the classroom using published research articles. Dr. Laubach’s article on the same topic was published in the Journal For Nursing Education in April of 2019.

As a member of the community, Leann volunteers as a Registered Nurse for the UCO Chi Alpha group at the yearly college retreat, and volunteers at the annual Thanksfest, serving Thanksgiving Dinner to the UCO community. She has also served on the March of Dimes committee for Nurse of the Year, and in fall of 2018 was elected March of Dimes Nurse of the Year for the category of Nursing Education. As a service to the nursing community, Dr. Laubach also serves on the Board of Directors for the Sigma Theta Tau International Beta Delta Chapter at Large as the webmaster.

Dr. Laubach and her husband Steve have a son, a daughter, and a son-in-law, and recently celebrated 35 years of marriage. To celebrate, this summer they traveled to Germany where they visited 6 of the 8 exchange students who lived with them during their 10-month exchange experiences.