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December 14, 2022

14 Students in a row smiling. The barbed wire fence of Federal Corrections Institution El Reno can be seen in the background.
Students from the UCO Criminal Justice course Administration of Correctional Institutions recently toured Federal Correctional Institution El Reno (FCI El Reno), a medium-security United States federal prison. This class is led by professor Jaime Burns, Ph.D.
“The University of Central Oklahoma provides students with wonderful, rich academic opportunities. Through the School of Criminal Justice I have had the ability to grow and nurture my education. I have been shown academia through an outside lens by taking hands on prison tours and learning with incarcerated students inside of a prison. I think UCO is a great fit for any student who wants to be able to learn about a subject not just in a classroom setting but also in a way that is engaging. The professors also work to be able to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment which has personally helped me succeed academically as well as forge new important relationships. I have had such a wonderful experience at UCO that it has encouraged me to continue higher education once I complete my undergraduate degree. The decision to continue my education was influenced by staff and faculty helping me express and complete my goals.”
– Bonnie, UCO Criminal Justice student
Established in 1974, the Criminal Justice program at UCO is the oldest in the state and has provided leadership within the criminal justice field for decades!
The School of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Oklahoma currently offers three undergraduate degree programs: General, Police, and Corrections. We also offer two graduate degrees: Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Management and Administration and a Master of Arts in Crime and Intelligence Analysis