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August 1, 2019

Department of History & Geography faculty continued the tradition of offering exciting research and study opportunities abroad in summer 2019. Students had several options to choose from this year.

  • Dr. Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen taught Applied Research in London, a course in which students travel to London for 10 to 21 days and work on various cutting-edge research projects in the city’s many archives and libraries. Students completed their research in the London Metropolitan Archives, the British Library, and the School of Oriental and African Studies.
  • Dr. Margaret Musgrove (Humanities & Philosophy) taught the History section of the longstanding Layers of Rome Study Tour. This course brings together students from UCO, Kirkwood College, and the University of Texas El Paso to learn about more than 2000 years of Roman history.
  • Dr. Michael Springer returned to London with students to work on the Dutch Church Book Provenance Project, an international research effort to catalogue the church’s 450-year-old library. Students worked with collections at Lambeth Palace Library, the London Metropolitan Archives, the British Library, and Dutch Church Library. • Ms. Heidi Vaughn mentored two Museum Studies majors who traveled to London to conduct investigations at Lincolns Inn Library and Archives, the British Library, and Lambeth Palace Library. The students researched a gift made by the Dutch Church to Lambeth Palace Library following the Second World War. This project was funded by the UCO Undergrad Research Abroad Grant Program.
  • Dr. Stan Adamiak taught the History section of the twoweek London/Dublin/Belfast Study Tour. The class, which is the longest running study tour at UCO, is a joint endeavor between History & Geography and the Department of Finance. Students learned about British and Irish history and culture while visiting sites including Parliament, the Cabinet War Rooms, Lloyds of London, and the British Museum.


1. UCO students (L-R) Ashley Martinez, Katie Krumwiede, and Cade Brewer inspecting a sixteenth-century book at the Dutch Church Library.

2. UCO students (L-R) Grace Wray, Audrey Stine, Kelin Haney, Laurie Kinney, and Marja Kingma in the Dutch Church Archives that holds original copies of Erasmus and early printed versions of Bibles.

3. UCO students (l-r) Katie Krumwiede, Cade Brewer, Brian Whinery, and Ashley Martinez cataloging books in the Great Hall, Lambeth Palace Library.