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September 1, 2017

Dr. Karel Kalaw, Assistant Professor, presented at the 21st International Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology (IAGG) World Congress conference held in San Francisco from July 22-27. Her poster was about substantiating traditional ways of doing research with indigenous methodologies as highlighted by the Filipino return migration experience, titled: “Balikbayans’ (Return Migrants) Stories of Return: The Life Course Perspective and Indigenous Methodologies.”

Dr. Nina Michalikova, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Kalaw have been offered a book contract by Routledge. They will be working jointly on the book entitled “Adaptation and Migration: Spouses of Undocumented Migrants.” Having an undocumented spouse hinders immigrants` adaptation process and presents unique challenges that have not been previously studied. These challenges exist in all areas of legal immigrants` life (e.g., private life, social life, professional life, finances, and health). The book explores how seemingly private problems reflect a whole range of public issues that are caused primarily by existing federal and state policies targeting undocumented spouses of legal immigrants. Through their contact with undocumented spouses, legal immigrants are subjected to the same intrusive and punitive laws as their spouses.

Dr. J Keith Killian, Associate Professor, directed 17 SAS Capstone graduate students in presenting their research at the Oklahoma Drug/Alcohol Professional Counselors Association state conference. There were over 300 counselors, clinical directors and executive directors that attended the presentations. Topics ranged from using hallucinogenic drugs in the treatment, to working with pedophiles who have not yet offended.

Students Misty Tafao (adolescent drug abuse) and Tanara Ellis (illicit drug usage by students at the University of Central Oklahoma, RCSA grant) presented at Oklahoma Research Day, March 3.

Dr. LaDonna McCune, Assistant Professor, presented a seminar at the Oklahoma Drug/Alcohol Professional Counselors Association conference (ODAPCA) in April titled, Tough Love in Gambling Treatment.