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Kaleidoscope Dance Company Fall Concert

The University of Central Oklahoma
College of Fine Arts and Design
and the
Department of Dance

UCO Kaleidoscope Dance Company
With KD2
2022 Fall Concert

7:30pm Nov. 17-19
Mitchell Hall Theatre

Faculty and Guest Choreographers

 Bubba Carr  •  Sheri Hayden
Tina Kambour  •  Kim Loveridge
Amy Nevius  •  
Alexander Olivieri
Hui Cha Poos  •  Nate Tylor
Andrew Wass

Welcome to the Kaleidoscope Fall Dance Concert! 

Thank you for joining us tonight! As the name of our company implies, we offer a kaleidoscope of genres, themes and moods. While one piece examines the notion of “what is art?”, another explores the arcs in life of obstacles and joys. Please feel free to create your own narrative or just enjoy the abstract nature of the non-verbal world of the art of dance. There is no wrong or right way to interpret what you see!

Most of all, I hope you enjoy tonight’s performance and thank you for supporting the UCO Department of Dance!

Tina Kambour
Director, Kaleidoscope Dance Company


Choreographer: Alexander Olivieri in collaboration with the dancers
Music: Ivory Smith 

Performers: Haley Fort, Ella Gardiner, Halee Harder, Bri Hernandez, Tyrell Johnson, Savana McCabe, Kaitlyn Murphy, Ireland Slover, Katie Sturm, Chloe Taylor, Z Taylor, Hannah Beth Washburn

Choreographer’s Note: In a basin of trackless winds, a community of wanderers treks through dust clouds and desolation. Their togetherness nourishes a collective knowing that their future is not finite.


Joy (KD2)
Choreographer: Kim Loveridge
Music: “Sunchyme” by Dario G 

Performers: Grace Jackson, Brooke Jones, Wei Nah Long, Elena Manning, Lyric Neel, Justina Pagán, Claire Ullery, Amiyah Underwood, Ash Marie Van Ness, Katy Whitfield

Choreographer’s Note: “You have turned my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.”


Duchamp’s Coefficient
Choreographer: Andrew Wass
Score: Andrew Wass
Music: Andrew Wass with assistance from John Gürtler

Performers: Haley Fort, Halee Harder, Bri Hernandez, Kaito Ono, Cielo Pallares, Avery Patterson, Jade Russell, Katie Sturm, Chloe Taylor, Z Taylor

Choreographer’s Note: Following Marcel Duchamp’s idea that art’s meaning is created between the observer and the art, in this case a dance, Duchamp’s Coefficient explores the range between chaos and order. Falling more towards the un-deliberated end of the continuum of deliberation, this dance is inspired by the artworks of Agnes Martin, Pierre Soulages, Hieronymus Bosch, among others. By juxtaposing ensemble improvisation with descriptions of art by philosopher Alva Noë, the dancers generate an embodied reflection on the nature of art.


Only the Strongest Survive (KD2)
Choreographer: Hui Cha Poos
Music: “honda” by FKAtwigs, Pa Salieu

Performers: Kira Blessitt, Olivia Cazrniecki, Zion Dangerfield, Delesia Graham, KeShaun James, Lily Kobzdej, Madi Laws, Aerial Luna, Abigail Paulson, Kathryn Rosenberg


La Caida de Otono (The Fall of Fall)
Choreographer: Amy Nevius
Music:  “Otono Porteno” by Tango Quattro, “Otono Porteno” by Trio Contemporaneo, Opus Cuatro

Performers: Sarah Flaherty, Savana McCabe, Sydney Oakley, Avery Patterson, Katie Sturm, Z Taylor, Hannah Beth Washburn




Choreographer: Bubba Carr
Music: “Velvet Owl” by Amon Tobin; “Brute” by Svinhunder

Performers: Sarah Flaherty, Ashley Manners, Madilynn Mar, Sydney Oakley, Kaito Ono, Cielo Pallares, Avery Patterson, Devynne Peppiatt, Dakota Ross, Jade Russell, Jules Straughn


Come Rain, Come Shine
Choreographer: Tina Kambour in collaboration with the dancers
Music: Astrid Stone, Shards, Thunder and Rain Sounds

Performers: Tyrell Johnson, Madilynn Mar, Kaito Ono, Chloe Taylor, Z Taylor


The Troublemaker (KD2)
Choreographer: Nate Tylor
Music: “Being Honest About Our Feelings” by Alan Watts, “Otherside” by Perfume Genius, Rocco and His Brother by Mi Loco Tango

Performers: Kira Blessitt, Delesia Graham, Grace Jackson, Brooke Jones, Aerial Luna, Elena Manning, Lyric Neel, Justina Pagán, Abigail Paulson, Kathryn Rosenberg, Claire Ullery, Amiyah Underwood, Ash Marie Van Ness, Katy Whitfield


Vortex of an Infinite Evening
Choreographer: Hui Cha Poos
Music: “Sing it Back” by Moloko

Performers: Haley Fort, Bri Hernandez, Madilynn Mar, Kaitlyn Murphy, Sydney Oakley, Kaito Ono, Dakota Ross, Jade Russell, Katie Sturm, Z Taylor, Hannah Beth Washburn


Shake it!
Choreographer: Sheri Hayden
Music: “Shake It!” by Common Ground

Performers: Kira Blessitt, Sarah Flaherty, Ella Gardiner, Halee Harder, Tyrell Johnson, Brooke Jones, Lily Kobzdej, Ashley Manners, Savana McCabe, Lyric Neel, Justina Pagán, Kathryn Rosenberg, Ireland Slover, Jules Straughn, Chloe Taylor, Claire Ullery, Ash Marie Van Ness

The UCO Kaleidoscope Dance Company

 The Kaleidoscope Dance Company, founded in 1975, is the touring company for the University of Central Oklahoma’s Department of Dance. The company has performed internationally in Mexico, Canada and South Korea, nationally at the Gibney Center in New York and at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. as part of the American College Dance Association National Festival. The company also performs annually at the American College Dance Association Conference, for regional festivals in Kansas, Missouri and Texas and in two annual concerts at UCO’s Mitchell Hall Theatre. Kaleidoscope has a strong arts outreach program and has conducted workshops and performances in schools and senior centers throughout Oklahoma. The Kaleidoscope Dance Company has received many awards including the Edmond “Community Support for the Arts Award” for arts outreach; The National College Choreography Initiative Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts; the Outstanding Student Choreographer and the Outstanding Student Performer for the American College Dance Association National Festival. Each year the company invites internationally and nationally renowned artists to set choreography and teach master classes. Past guest artists who have set work on Kaleidoscope include company members from Diavolo/Architecture in Motion and Pilobolus; 10 Hairy Legs; Bill Evans, Loretta Livingston and Mike Esparanza; Idan Cohen and Noa Shiloh from Israel; and Lachlan McCarthy from Australia. The Kaleidoscope Dance Company fosters the unique talents and creative voices of each company member and invites audiences to share the world of movement and experience the art of dance.

Kaleidoscope Company Members: Sarah Flaherty, Haley Fort, Ella Gardiner, Halee Harder, Bri Hernandez, Tyrell Johnson, Ashley Manners, Madilynn Mar, Savana McCabe, Kaitlyn Murphy, Sydney Oakley, Kaito Ono, Cielo Pallares, Avery Patterson, Devynne Peppiatt, Dakota Ross, Jade Russell, Ireland Slover, Jules Straughn, Katie Sturm, Chloe Taylor, Z Taylor, Hannah Beth Washburn

KD2 Company Members: Kira Blessitt, Olivia Cazrniecki, Zion Dangerfield, Delesia Graham, Grace Jackson, KeShaun James, Brooke Jones, Lily Kobzdej, Madi Laws, Wei Nah Long, Aerial Luna, Elena Manning, Lyric Neel, Justina Pagán, Abigail Paulson, Kathryn Rosenberg, Claire Ullery, Amiyah Underwood, Ash Marie Van Ness, Katy Whitfield

Guest Artists

Bubba Carr is best known as a choreographer and dancer. He enjoyed a long and successful commercial career in Los Angeles for 20 years. He moved to Atlanta in 2004 to be closer to family and continue his career in entertainment choreographing film, television, and theatre. Carr’s choreographic credits include films “Godmothered,” “Lady and the Tramp,” “Passengers,” “Goosebumps,” “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “The Internship,” and “Bolden”; TV shows “The Resident,” “The Big Door Prize,” “Ozark,” “The Originals,” “Halt and Catch Fire,” “The Detour” and “Drop Dead Diva”; and on stage, “Cabaret,” “Grease,” “Carousel,” “Evita,” “Oklahoma,” “Miss Saigon,” “Hair,” “Peter Pan,” “Little Mermaid,” “Titanic,” “The Seagull,” “Aida,” “Oliver” and “Jekyll & Hyde.” Carr has danced and choreographed for Cher on four world tours, music videos and TV specials, has toured with Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros with lead man Perry Farrell multiple times, as well as Zac Brown Band. Currently, Carr manages Xcel Studios in Atlanta, the premier studio for professional dancers in the southeast.

Nathaniel Tylor received his BFA in Dance Performance from the University of Central Oklahoma. He is trained in classical ballet, jazz and modern dance. He has also been trained in African dance, Bharatanatyam and aerial dance. Mr. Tylor has had the esteemed opportunity to present his own choreographic work at two American College Dance Association conferences where his work was selected for the Gala performance. He is also one of the few students who was selected for two consecutive years to present their own choreographic research at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research. He currently teaches across the Oklahoma City and Edmond area in Hip-Hop, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz and Ballet. “As an artist I think it is important to represent the community that you come from. To be another face and voice amongst the people. Art in Oklahoma is making moves one step at a time, and I want to be a part of the innovation.”

Andrew Wass has been investigating movement and its uses as a performance medium and as a medium for cogitation for over 20 years. By experimenting with aleatoric processes, he finds that movement reveals an inherent awkwardness, a humor that echoes our own vulnerabilities. He formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious processes of composition that are the generative source of much of his performance works. Influenced heavily by his undergraduate studies of Biochemistry at U.C. San Diego, he creates works using a defined, almost crystalline palette in order to generate a myriad of possibilities. The possibilities are reduced and concentrated in the moments of execution and reception. A member of the Lower Left Performance Collective since 2002, he is a certified teacher of the ReWire Movement Method and Ensemble Thinking, both initially developed by Nina Martin. He graduated from the MA program of Solo/Dance/Authorship at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum für Tanz in Berlin. Currently, Andrew is pursuing a Ph.D. in Dance through Texas Woman’s University. His area of research is the nexus of philosophy, cognitive science, and improvised dance-making. He is investigating ways to describe change in the actions of the solo body while improvising.
Department of Dance Faculty

Amy (Sabine) Griffith began dancing at the age of 12 with Kay Sandel and Lisa Webb at Classical Ballet School in Oklahoma City. She later graduated with a BFA from the Department of Dance at the University of Central Oklahoma. She has been teaching in the Edmond area since 2003. Her passion is teaching ballet and she is forever grateful not just for the ballet, modern and jazz training she received during her college career at UCO, but also for the opportunity to come back and give alongside the wonderful people who gave to her!

Sheri Hayden is a graduate of Oklahoma City University with a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership in Arts Administration and a Bachelor of Performing Arts in Dance Performance. She is a dance faculty at both Oklahoma City University and the University of Central Oklahoma where she teaches a variety of dance techniques and academic courses to dance and musical theater majors. Additionally, Sheri serves as the Executive Director of RACE Dance Collective, a nonprofit dance company in Oklahoma City. This is her second piece to be set on UCO’s Kaleidoscope/KD2 company, and she is extremely grateful to be able to set such a fun piece with these dancers. Much love and appreciation to them for embracing her “cardiography” and for making the process so fun!

Tina Kambour was born in Florida and lived in New York for 12 years before relocating to Oklahoma three decades ago. She is the Assistant Chair for the Department of Dance and Director of the Kaleidoscope Dance Company. Her choreography, which has been commissioned for professional companies and universities, has been presented in Mexico, Canada, S. Korea and in the U.S. including the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  She is a Certified Movement Analyst from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, and a Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Therapist. From 1999-2008, she was a visiting summer faculty member at the New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida. She has taught throughout the US, in Mexico, Northern Ireland, Guatemala and South Korea. She is currently listed on the Fulbright Specialist Roster and had her first residency last May at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.

Kim Loveridge has had the privilege of being on the faculty at UCO for the past 12 years. During that time, she taught technique courses in jazz, modern, ballet, tap, hip-hop as well as Fosse repertoire and jazz history. She is co-director of the KD2 Company (along with Hui Cha Poos) and has set many works on both the KD2 and Kaleidoscope company. Kim graduated from the University of California, Irvine with her MFA in 2011 receiving a full fellowship and teaching assistant position. While in California, she earned her Pilates Certification from Studio du Corps in Costa Mesa. Prior to living in California, she was the director of the Bishop McGuinness dance program. Kim has choreographed and taught for RACE Dance Company, Perpetual Motion Dance, Six Flags New England, OK-LA Dance Conventions and many others. She is thrilled to be part of such a great program and so proud of the students here.

Michelle Moeller is an Associate Professor and Chair for the Department of Dance. She is also the founder of Perpetual Motion Dance and served as Artistic Director for 20 years. Her performance and choreography have been part of numerous concerts and festivals, including the Houston Fringe Festival, ROGUE in Fresno, CA, Tulsa SummerStage, Live at the Crossroads in Kansas City and the New Genre Festival in Tulsa. She completed her Master of Fine Arts in Dance at Texas Woman’s University where she was awarded the Excellence in Choreography scholarship. As Director of Perpetual Motion Dance, Michelle produced 23 original concerts, most recently Y20, Perpetual Motion’s 20-year anniversary celebration and REWIND in collaboration with Factory Obscura in Oklahoma City.  In 2013, she was recognized as one of Oklahoma’s “40 Under 40” by Oklahoma Magazine for her contributions to the arts landscape of Oklahoma. She was also awarded the 2022 Modeling the Way award at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Amy Nevius currently serves as Adjunct Faculty for the Department of Dance at the University of Central Oklahoma as well as the Theatre Department at Rose State College.  Additionally, she is the resident choreographer for all theatre productions produced by RSC Theatre.  Amy completed her undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Central Oklahoma.  Since then, she has worked to bring arts education in the form of dance and creative movement to a wide range of participants throughout the state of Oklahoma through artist-in-residence programs, master classes, workshops, arts camps, staff development sessions, seminars, adjudications, committee service, performances and guest choreographer positions. In addition to her work in Arts Education, Amy is a founding member and the newly named Artistic Director of Oklahoma’s premiere modern and aerial dance company, Perpetual Motion Dance.  Amy’s professional performances and choreography have been a part of numerous concerts, festivals, theatre productions and arts-centered events throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico and California.

Alexander Olivieri grew up in Newark, Delaware and danced professionally in New York City for 9 years. For 5 of those years, he toured internationally with 10 Hairy Legs, a male-identifying repertory dance company, and he has also danced for Christopher Williams, Mike Esperanza, Abarukas, Shawn Bible Dance Company to name a few. As an educator, Alexander has taught workshops at academic institutions such as Skidmore College, University of Nebraska, Wichita State, University of Missouri, University of Rochester, UNC Greensboro, New World School of the Arts, Bowdoin College, and Colby College. In 2019 Alexander served as an adjunct professor at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York. He holds a BA in Theatre Arts and Philosophy from Boston College and an MFA in Dance from the University of Washington. At UCO, he teaches Modern Dance, Dance Appreciation and Composition, and in the next two years, he’ll be teaching new courses, Dance Anatomy and Dance Film. He is thrilled to be working with the intelligent, curious and committed dance students at UCO. His students and colleagues have made this transition to Oklahoma an easy one!

Robyn Pasternack enjoys teaching all subjects in Ballet. She received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Oklahoma and her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah.  Her performing career includes dancing with the OffCenter Dance Company in New York, Utah Ballet, Fort Worth City Ballet, Wichita Falls Ballet Theatre, Prairie Dance Theater, and Festival Ballet. Ms. Pasternack has taught at the Virginia School of the Arts as well as Randolf Macom Woman’s College in Virginia, Burlington Ballet in Vermont, Classen School of Advanced Studies, and the University of Oklahoma. She has created a variety of programs and lectures for special needs communities including the development of the Dance and Down Syndrome Summer Workshop at UCO. Her choreography includes several works for the Kaleidoscope Dance Company, the Department of Theatre, and work with the film documentarian Jeffery Palmer. She has also choreographed for Oklahoma City Ballet’s Future Voices Showcase, the Painted Sky Opera’s Christmas performance and collaborations with the Oklahoma Music Teachers Association. She received the “Collaborative Team” award for her ballet “Sincerely Beatrice,” and has been nominated two times for the “Nelly Excellence in Teaching” award, received the “Making a Difference” award, and “Great Inspirations State of Creativity” award.

Hui Cha Poos has been teaching at the University of Central Oklahoma for 20 years where she is head of the Jazz Department and Dance Education Coordinator. After a successful career as a dancer, she co-founded Oklahoma Dance Alliance, OKLA Dance Connection, Groove Street Productions (Vancouver, BC) and is the founder and Academy Director of RACE Dance Collective, the first professional Jazz/Contemporary/Hip Hop Dance Company in Oklahoma. She has choreographed numerous projects and productions for Lyric Theatre, Pollard Theatre Company, Oklahoma City Rep, Nike, Blu Cantrell, Tulsa Project Theatre, OCU, Summer Stock and of course, UCO. Her original choreographic works have been featured in dance concerts in LA (Commonality Dance concert), New York (The Gibney), Seoul, Korea (Tune Dance) and she has had short films (Swirl, Homecoming Trilogy, and The Guard) featured in several festivals from SXSW to Hamburg, Germany. Recent film credits include Full Out 2 (Netflix) choreographer and Finding Carlos (Apple TV)-producer, choreographer. In 2021, she was selected as one of “6 Theatre Workers You Should Know” by American Theatre Publication and was awarded the Governor’s Arts Award for Arts in Education. Hui recently received the Artist of the Year Award by the Paseo Arts District for her work in 2022.

Desiree LaVigne Roan began studying dance in her hometown of Lawton, Oklahoma at the age of seven. She completed her formal ballet education in Ft. Worth, Texas with the Southwest Ballet Center.  Desiree has studied modern dance technique with William “Bill” Evans and Jennifer Predock-Linnell at the University of New Mexico and Jamie Jacobson at the University of Central Oklahoma.  Currently, Desiree is finalizing her Teacher’s Certification in The Evans Method, with The Evans Somatic Dance Institute.  Desiree performed professionally with the Fort Worth City Ballet, Ballet Midland, Ballet Oklahoma and Southwest Ballet Company.  Desiree enjoys staging ballet classics as well as creating original choreography. Desiree recently served as Guest Resident Character Artist for Oklahoma City Ballet and has served as a teaching artist for Oklahoma State Arts Council since 2000.  She has been a visiting Ballet Master for such universities as the University of New Mexico, the University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma University School of Dance. Desiree has served as director for Dance New Mexico, Albuquerque Ballet Company (guest), Victoria Ballet Theatre (guest), Ballet Lubbock, Rochester Ballet School, Academy of Dance Arts and Ketchikan Theatre Ballet.

Jane Vorburger completed her dance training at the Academy of the Maryland Youth Ballet.  She joined American Ballet Theatre at age sixteen and spent five years with this company performing principle, soloist and corps de ballet roles in the U.S.A. and abroad.  She studied Contact Improvisation at Oberlin College and then completed her MFA at New York University.  She spent six years in New York teaching at schools including American Ballet Theatre, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, Mark Morris Dance Group, Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center and Marymount Manhattan College. In 2009 she finished the 92nd Street Y’s certificate in dance education with Jody Arnold and Tina Curran. She was a substitute teacher in all boroughs for public school dance classes teaching a Laban-based dance curriculum. She also taught Laban-based dance education classes for the outreach programs of City Center and American Ballet Theatre. In 2012 she became the School Director of Oklahoma City Ballet and eventually taught for four years at Classen School of Advanced Studies. She currently teaches at universities and schools in the Oklahoma City area. Jane is passionate about using dance education and creativity to deepen community. She is certified in all levels of the ABT NTC.

Production Crew

Stage Manager–Katlin King
Assistant Stage Managers–Kalina Collins, Taylor Lowell
Technical Director–Patterson Allen
Assistant Technical Director–Christian Heffron
Scene Shop Employees–Lorenzo Butler, Gillian Andersen, Alyssa Cargill
Stage Crew–Julie Allison, Alyssa Cargill, Aubree Nicholson, Aa’Zaya Polk, Victoria Weathers
Costume Designer–Megan Richardson
Costume Shop Manager–Brian Butler
Costume Shop Employees–Alexis Gass, Kylee Vera, Riley Hall, Alejandra Carnero, Kennedy Hurst, Bonnye Payne, Lillie Taylor
Wardrobe Supervisor–Riley Hall
Wardrobe Crew–Bailey Carpenter, Meghan Haynes
Lighting Designer–Jamison Rhoads
Master Electrician–Ellen Schmidt
Lighting Shop Employee–Sam Cox, Isabell Hales, Brayden Pogson
Light Board Operator–Roen Winters
Sound Designer–Samantha Aldridge
Sound Shop Employee–Elyse Schmidt, Brayden Pogson
Sound Board Operator–Madison Kelly
Production Manager–Latricia Taylor
Assistant Production Manager–Rox Allen Kerby
Front of House Manager–Matt Fowler
Box Office Staff–Lamar Burns, Jenna Gaston, Leah Maier, Roberto Lopez Jr., Emma Livingston, Kody Clark, Jacey Nichole, Madeline Young, Baily Hill

Production Crew Bios

Samantha Aldridge (Sound Designer) is the current sound designer and engineer for University Productions at UCO. Samantha graduated from UCO with a B.F.A. in Theatre Design and Technology with an emphasis in sound design and engineering. She’s done a lot of shows during her career. She plans to stick around Oklahoma for a while and mooch off of her parents as long as she can. If you are anyone other than her Mom still reading this right now then this smiley face is for you. 😀 Every show is always dedicated to her family and her dog, Banjo.

Jamison Rhoads (Lighting Designer) is excited to be living in Edmond and working here at The University of Central Oklahoma. This is Mr. Rhoads’ first (freshman) here at UCO. Prior to coming to UCO Mr. Rhoads has tramped all over the country teaching at Tufts University, The University of New Orleans, Cowley College, Newman University and North Greenville University.  Mr. Rhoads holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Design from Temple University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Performance from Wichita State University and is an alumnus of the Juilliard School.  Some of Mr. Rhoads’ favorite designs have included Les Misérables, Noises Off, South Pacific, Macbeth and Joyful Noise. Mr. Rhoads is marred to the love of his life Kate.  In 2021 despite the pandemic, they were blessed to have a daughter named Stella.

Katelyn King (Stage Manager) is a sophomore at the University of Central Oklahoma. She spent the past two years at Wichita State University. She is excited about her first semester and first show at UCO! The KD dance is her first-time stage managing a dance show. However, she was previously an ASM for “Love Labours Lost” and “Keepers of the flame” at WSU. She also had a baby this semester. She is eager to continue her stage management career at UCO and professional theatres.

Megan Richardson (Costume Designer) is delighted to be designing the costumes for Kaleidoscope.  She will also be designing the costumes for “Much Ado About Nothing,” one of her favorite Shakespeare plays, along with the musical “Little Women” next spring.  Megan is originally from upstate New York, but her career in theatre has taken her all over the US.  Now she is thrilled to be working in the very vibrant theatre community here in Oklahoma!

College of Fine Arts and Design

Charleen Weidell, Dean
Jill Priest, Associate Dean
Dr. Sandra Thompson, Interim Assistant Dean
Dr. Kato Buss, Interim Assistant Dean

UCO Department of Dance

Full-Time Faculty
Michelle Moeller, Chair
Tina Kambour, Assistant Chair
Alexander Olivieri
Robyn Pasternack
Hui Cha Poos

Adjunct Faculty
Amy Griffith
Sheri Hayden
Desiree LaVigne-Roan
Kim Loveridge
Amy Nevius
Jane Vorberger

Administrative Assistant
Beverly Hamilton

Mitchell Hall Theatre
Latricia Taylor, Director of University Productions
Rox Allen Kerby, Manager of University Production
Matthew Fowler, Front of House Manager
Patterson Allen, Technical Director
Christian Heffron, Assistant Technical Director
Brian Butler, Costume Shop Manager
Ellen Schmidt, Master Electrician & Lighting Designer
Samantha Aldridge, Sound Engineer
Scott Roberts, Resident Scenic Designer
Megan Ann Richardson, Resident Costume Designer

Special Thanks

Charleen Weidell, Dean, CFAD
Beverly Hamilton, Administrative Assistant
Savana McCabe, Kaleidoscope Student Rehearsal Director
Madilynn Mar, Dance Department Student Office Assistant

Special Thanks to Our Dance Supporters & Patrons

Permanent Scholarship Endowments:
F. Ann Shanks Outstanding Performer in Dance Endowed Award
Jamie Jacobson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Richard Denson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Warren Armstrong Dance Scholarship
Hannah McCarty Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship
Lorraine Remmel Watson Dance Scholarship
Lillian Pruett Elevé Scholarship for Dance
Amy Reynolds-Reed Endowed Scholarship for Dance
Maja Kristin Scholarship for Dance


If you enjoy our productions and would like to help UCO’s Department of Dance in the commitment to bring you the best in dance, please consider a tax-deductible donation.

Yes, I want to help the Department of Dance at UCO

Levels of Support:
Artistic Director ($5,000 or above)
Rehearsal Director ($1,000 or above)
Choreographer ($500 or above)
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Patron (up to $100)

The Hannah McCarty Summer Workshop Scholarship
The UCO Dance Department has established the Hannah McCarty Dance Scholarship in her memory and to honor Hannah’s love of dance. The Hannah McCarty Scholarship is awarded to a most deserving dance student from Hannah’s alma mater, the Classen School of Advanced Studies. This tuition scholarship covers the annual UCO Super Saturdays of Dance and the one-week UCO Summer Dance Workshop.
For information on how to apply, contact Cameelah Pennington, Director of Dance at Classen
School of Advanced Studies (405) 556-5048.

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