Cassidy Brunsteter

#CFADWorks: Cassidy Brunsteter

UCO Interior Design Alumni Spotlight on Cassidy Brunsteter of Mr. Robert Fine Furniture and Design, Norman, Oklahoma

Our graduates are doing extraordinary things! Interior Design Alumni Spotlights are a new feature highlighting our talented graduates. These interviews allow you to learn about where our alumni work, the types of projects they do, and how their experiences during their time at UCO helped shape them into the designers they are today.


UCO DES: What year did you graduate from UCO?

Cassidy Brunsteter: 2007

UCO DES: What was your name in school?

CB: Cassidy Murphey

UCO DES: Where are you from?

CB: Oklahoma City

UCO DES: What got you interested in interior design?

CB: I became interested in interior design at a very young age. I can remember drawing floorplans of my house, and I loved to watch shows like Martha Stewart Living before there was HGTV.

UCO DES: Did you study anything else while you were in school?

CB: For the first two years, I studied dance.

UCO DES: What was your first job after graduation?

CB: Mister Robert Fine Furniture & Interior Design in Norman, Oklahoma.

UCO DES: What are you doing today? 

CB: I moved to Seattle, Washington a couple of years after graduating and worked in both design and residential property management while there. After many years in Seattle, my husband and I moved back to Oklahoma and I made my way back to Mister Robert. I have now been back with Mister Robert for a little over 3 ½ years as a designer specializing in residential interiors. I am involved as a buyer and in advertising as well.

UCO DES: What has been one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on as a professional?

CB: There have been so many! Working in residential design, you really get to know your clients and their families. I have been so lucky to help and work with some of the neatest and nicest people. It is a wonderful reminder that furniture selection and placement is so much more than just that. As designers we help to make their house a home. It can be a very rewarding experience.

UCO DES: When you were a student, did you work? If so, where?

CB: My first job in the industry was at Theo’s Marketplace at their Edmond location. I worked a few hours a week, between classes. I learned so much about furniture and the access I had to fabrics and materials was useful with school design projects.

UCO DES: Where did you do your internship? How did that experience shape your future?

CB: I did a residential internship with Winterhouse Interiors, and a commercial internship with ADG architects. They were both wonderful internships, and doing both commercial and residential was very helpful in deciding my career path in residential design.

UCO DES: Were you involved in any other campus activities or organizations when you were in school? Were you in a leadership position?

CB: I served as President-Elect and President of UCO’s student chapter of ASID (now SIDA).

UCO DES: Are you a member of a professional organization now as a practicing designer?

CB: I am an Allied Member of ASID.

UCO DES: What is one of your fondest memories of your time at UCO?

CB: I have so many fond memories of my time at UCO, but my design trip to Paris must be my favorite!

UCO DES: What advice can you give our current students?

CB: Take internship opportunities and take them seriously! The design world is a small world no matter what path you take, and it is never too soon to start your professional resume with professional references.

The photos provided represent a variety of Cassidy’s projects.

Cassidy Brunsteter, example of bedroom interior design Cassidy Brunsteter, example 1 of living room interior design Cassidy Brunsteter, example 2 of living room interior design

Mr. Robert Fine Furniture and Design has been a landmark along Norman’s Main Street since 1958 providing furniture and design services for both home and office needs. You can learn more about Mr. Robert at:

Compiled by Amy Jacobson-Peters, MFA, ASID, IDEC
Assistant Professor
Division Head, BFA Interior Design, UCO School of Design