Category: Menus

Feb 27 – No Bake Cookies

Join us on Thursday, February 27 for:

Apple Pecan Feta Spinach Salad

Chicken Wrap

No bake Cookies

For delivery, call 974-5506

Feb 25 – Chicken Tacos

Join us on Tues, February 25th, between 10am-1:30pm, for:

Spinach Bacon Salad

Soft Chicken Tacos (veggies from pic not included)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

For delivery, call 974-5506.

February 20 – Kale Quinoa Salad

Our menu for Thursday, Feb 20th is vegetarian:

Kale Quinoa Salad

Vegetable & Hummus on Sourdough

Double Chocolate Cookie

Of course, we have our signature Turkey Central if you prefer meat :-).

Join us 10-1:30 or call 974-5506 for deliver on campus

February 18 – Creamy Chickpea & Mushroom over Mashed Potato

Our menu for Tuesday, February 18 is vegetarian & the entrée is vegan:

Spinach Salad with orange vinaigrette

Creamy Chickpea & Mushroom over Mashed Potatoes (pictured broccoli not included)

Bread Pudding

Of course we have our signature Turkey Central Sandwich if you prefer a meat option.

Join us between 10am-1:30pm. For on-campus deliveries, call 974-5506