Menu for Sep 15

Ashley has prepared the following menu for Tuesday. We look forward to seeing you!

Mixed greens, Apple, Walnut and Feta salad                                                           $4.25

Chicken Salad on Croissant Sandwich (chicken salad with apple & almonds)        $5.25

Combo   (salad & sandwich)                                                                                    $4.75

Apple Turnovers  (puff pastry filled with homemade apple pie filling)                      $3.50

Of course, we have our standard menu items :-). You can order ahead by calling 974-5506 or emailing: & giving your order, how you intend to pay, pick up or where we are delivering and a contact phone number. Thank you for supporting the education of our nutrition students and Central Station!


  • I got the chicken salad sandwich today and it was delicious!!! Great job on this.

    • Susan Woods

      We are so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for commenting; I passed the comment on to Ashley (the student who planned the menu)