Ride-Sharing is Caring

For the Fall 2016 semester, the UCO Student Association (UCOSA) partnered with Uber to offer free rides to UCO students on the weekends. In typical college student fashion, Bronchos took full advantage of the situation. Here’s a look at what a few students had to say about their experiences:

The Singing Student


“I frequently use the UCO Uber on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It’s been great! Kept me out of a lot of trouble by making the right decision by getting one. I think it’s impacted this campus big time by reminding students that it’s okay to drink, but be safe by using Uber instead of driving!”

– Dillon, pre-med major from Newcastle, OK

The Pre-Planned Partier

“When I use the UCO Uber, I usually plan it ahead of time. Once, I was going out with friends and knew I’d be drinking, so I took one to the bar, and then, later on, took another one back home. It was super nice to know that I had a safe way to get home!”

– Austin, political science major from Edmond, OK

The Grocery Guru

“I’ve been using the UCO Uber almost every Friday and Saturday night now, mostly to get to Walmart and Target to get groceries. I think UCO has done a really good job on this partnership because it really does benefit students who live on campus and have no car, especially us international students!”

– Yan Fay, computer science major from Malaysia

The Frugal Frequenter

“I’ve used UCO Uber maybe 4 or 5 times. It was very helpful! I live near campus in Edmond but work in OKC, so I spend a lot on gas commuting. This partnership has helped me save a lot of money! I’m super grateful to UCO and Uber!”

– Mallory, biology major from Oklahoma City, OK

It looks like the partnership between UCO and Uber was a match made to be.

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