Silent Library

To the students of UCO, finals week is officially upon us! Since you’re reading this, I am just going to assume that means you aren’t studying (surprise, surprise). Why is it that when finals week comes around, and we should be studying, it’s always the last thing we want to do? Maybe it’s because our brains are already on winter break or maybe it’s because we’re just mentally and physically exhausted. It also seems that no matter where you go to try and escape you get distracted, whether it’s by friends or by social media, you just can’t seem to focus. But fear not my friends, because we have some great ideas for places to study right here on Central’s campus!

Let’s start out with a college go-to, the coffee shop. You may think that coffee shops would be too loud or distracting, but the Starbucks in the Nigh is actually incredibly peaceful! Just grab yourself a drink, pop in some headphones and join the rest of the caffeinated, sleep-deprived students. If you like lattes, we would highly recommend picking up a Caramel Brulée Latte, maybe add an extra shot if you’re feeling particularly unmotivated.  This is also a great place to work on group projects (we’re looking at you communications majors). The long tables and mellow environment make it the perfect place to collaborate.

Another great classic study spot is the Max Chambers Library. We spoke with Michele Ramsdell, assistant director of library development, about the best places to study in the library.

“There are many places in the library for quiet study.  The best place is on the south side of the fourth floor.  This area is marked as a ‘silent zone,’ which means no cell phone usage, and no talking,” Ramsdell said.

Ramsdell also mentioned that there are quiet zones on the second, third and other areas of the fourth floor, as well as study rooms on the second and third floors, which are great for quiet group study sessions. You can reserve a study room on the library’s website, by phone at 405-974-5159 or in person on the third floor.

The library has a lot of places where students can go to study alone and stay focused. The library also has the Market, which is a perfect place to grab a snack or some coffee in between study sessions. However, the best part of studying in the library is definitely the dogs! Central’s Center for Counseling and Well-Being hosts Stress Paws events, where students can pet therapy dogs to help de-stress.

Last, but certainly not least, UCO has a hidden study spot that not many students frequent. The Howell Hall Atrium has a large study room full of tables and chairs that are perfect for studying on your own or collaborating with a group. We do have to warn you though, it can get pretty wild (wild animals that is). This room is full of taxidermied animals and various creatures, to keep things interesting. If you are looking for a change of scenery while you study, this is definitely the perfect place to switch it up.

Finals are hard, but don’t stress out too much! Grab yourself a coffee, pet some loveable fur babies and go ace those finals Bronchos!

Meal or No Meal?

Adjusting to life in college can be difficult. Often times, college students have to learn to do their own laundry, clean, shop for groceries, go to bed at a decent hour and cook for themselves. Not to mention, there’s class, friends, work, social obligations and more, which means no time to cook elaborate or healthy meals. Having no time adds up to living off of ramen and cereal or eating out for every meal.

These eating habits can get really expensive and (sigh) also extremely unhealthy. So, how do you somehow manage to eat healthily AND juggle the time crunch that got you into this mess in the first place?

Well, we don’t expect you to have all the answers, so we asked someone who has most of them. Meet Dr. Tawni Holmes, a nutrition professor, here at UCO.

“Choosing healthy options for meals and snacks, as well as getting enough calories and a variety of foods, will help you stay focused during study sessions, provide your brain the fuel it needs to keep you going and help keep you from getting sick -which no one has time for,” Holmes said.

Thanks, Dr. Holmes!

Taking that advice to heart, here are five recipes that can easily be made in your dorm without breaking the bank or the buttons on your pants.

  1. Mason Jar Greek Salad: This vitamin-packed salad is a great on-the-go option, when you may not have time to go back to your dorm during the day. Learn how to make this healthy “fast food” option.
  2. Upgraded Ramen: This is a great way to use the ramen that has been in the back of your closet all year. Get the recipe.
  3. Microwave Nachos: This is a little bit healthier version of your regular microwave nachos. Get the simple, but yummy, recipe.
  4. Mug Cheesecake: Who doesn’t love dessert? This homemade mug cheesecake is so simple to make and the perfect size for one! Get the recipe.
  5. No-Bake Cookies: This quick and easy dessert will make you the most popular person in your dorm! Find the recipe.

Forgot your lunch? Pinching pennies and minutes for the day? Check out Central Station, located in the Human Environmental Sciences building, just west of Broncho Lake. Open from 10:30 a.m. until 1:20 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays in the fall and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the spring, Central Station features delicious, affordable and health-conscious meals, right on campus! Check the menu each week to see what they’ve got cookin’.

Eating healthy on a college budget and schedule can be difficult, but not impossible. We know you can do it! Happy health, Bronchos!

15 Halloween Costumes for Professional Procrastinators

Let’s be honest. Halloween is one of those holidays that just sneaks up on you. You get so busy doing other things that it just slips your mind. Picture this: it’s September 1, and you are planning the perfect Halloween costume. You’ve picked out the perfect dress, pinned your favorite makeup looks, practiced exactly how to do your hair, and then, it’s 9 p.m. on October 30, and you have no costume. We all know because we’ve all been there! But fear not, my fellow procrastinators, because we’ve compiled a list of easy, last-minute Halloween costumes.

1. Bank Robber


This costume can be done with black jeans and a striped shirt, or even a black shirt. Throw on a black beanie, black gloves and draw on a mask and you’re good to go!

2. Instagram

All this lazy costume takes is a trip to the nearest print shop and an Exacto knife. Have a large print off of your Instagram picture made, cut out the middle and you become the picture!

3. Sims Character


Here is a link that teaches you how to make the plumbob (yeah, I had no idea that’s what it was called either).

4. Brawny Man


Just a plaid shirt and some paper towels. It doesn’t get much easier.

5. Cards Against Humanities


This costume can be done with dresses or with plain white or black t-shirts. All you have to do is iron on the letters to create your favorite playing cards!

6. Sadness from Inside Out

With this costume, you can either go all out, as shown above, or throw on a white sweater and glasses!

7. Breakfast at Tiffany’s


All you need is a classic black dress and a string of costume pearls. BAM you’re Audrey!

8. Jazzerciser


This classic last-minute costume has many different variations. All you really need are leggings, a t-shirt, with the neck cut out, and some leg warmers, but feel free to work the leotard look.

9. When Life Give You Lemons


Step #1: Buy a white t-shirt. • Step #2: Buy lemons. • Step #3: Write “Life” on the white t-shirt. • Step #4: Give out said lemons.

When life gives you lemons…

10. Black Cat


Black clothes, black ears, eyeliner. DONE!

11. Error Message


If you really want to be “that guy,” all this costume takes is a sharpie and a plain, white t-shirt. You won’t be winning any costume contests, but I don’t think you care…

12. Tourist


This costume is a perfect excuse for a trip to the thrift store (or your dad’s closet). All you need is a Hawaiian shirt and a good pair of khakis. The fanny pack is also a nice touch.

13. A Formal Apology


If you are REALLY in a bind, say going to a Halloween party right after work, all you have to do is slap on a nametag that says “I’m Sorry.” Ta-da, you’re a formal apology!

14. Forrest Gump and Jenny


This can be done as a couple’s costume or individually! For Forrest, you just need a red hat, a blue plaid shirt, khakis and tennis shoes. And for the ladies, all you need is a dress and a flower crown!

15. It’s Raining Men


All you need for this costume is an umbrella, string, hot glue and paper versions of men’s faces (no men were harmed in the making of this costume).

15 Ways to Get Your UCO Swag On

Hey there, Bronchos! We know that finding the perfect UCO gear can be challenging, so we have compiled a list of some of the best officially-licensed UCO gear we could find!

  1. UCO Original Wooly Crew

Who needs a boyfriend when you have this sweatshirt? This zero-commitment cuddle buddy can be purchased here for $69.98.

  1. Broncho Logo Legacy Relaxed Twill Adjustable Hat

Cover that bed head, work that up do! This hat can be purchased here for $21.98.

  1. UCO Nike Core Long Sleeved Tee

This shirt is perfect for working out (watching Netflix) and can be purchased here for $34.98.

  1. UCO Official Logo Cutting Board

For when other gifts just won’t cut it (I’m sorry), this cutting board can be purchased here for $26.98.

  1. UCO Logo Columbia Performance Shirt

If you’re fishing for the perfect gift this could be a real catch, purchase it here for +$68.98.

  1. Legacy Oxford Cloth Adjustable Hat

This hat tops them all (get it?) and can be purchased here for $21.98.

  1. Impulse Official Logo Backpack

This is a product that will always have your back and can be purchased here for $23.98.

  1. UCO Bronchos Power Pack

This power pack is free of charge! Just kidding. It can be purchased here for $19.98.

  1. Central Champion Jersey T-shirt

This shirt will give you the heart of a champion, not really but it looks cool. Purchase it here for $19.98.

  1. UCO 23 Piece Tool Set

I couldn’t find anything fun to say here, so screw it, purchase the tool kit here for $19.98.

  1. Nike Dri Fit Cotton T-shirt

Buy this shirt, seriously Just Do It. Purchase it here for $32.98.

  1. UCO Dad Full Length Apron

I was going to tell a dad joke here, but I knew you would grill me if I did. Purchase the apron here for $16.98.

  1. Champion Jersey Long Sleeved

For once, you’ll have sleeves as long as your to-do list. Grab it here for $24.98.

  1. Under Armour Prevail Quarter Zip

Muscles not included. Buy it here for $64.98.

  1. Nike Mod Tempo Short

Don’t make us track you down and force you to buy these. Purchase them here for $37.98.


Happy shopping, Bronchos!

A group of UCO students stands in front of a library in Gulu, Uganda.

Reading Rainbow: Spreading Joy Through Literacy

As a college student in America, at any given moment, there is probably at least one book in your backpack, not to mention the countless books on shelves in your home. Now, imagine wanting to read, but not having the resources to do so.

A group of UCO students stands in front of a library in Gulu, Uganda.

The group of Central students stands in front of the library in Gulu, Uganda where they made improvements.

This summer, as part of a study tour, a group of UCO students traveled more than 8,000 miles across the world to serve the Ugandan community and provide maintenance for a new library that had been built at the St. Monica vocational school in Gulu, Uganda. This library was built thanks to the generous support of the UCO community. Last semester, the same group of students hosted a gala and organized a T-shirt fundraiser for St. Monica Girls’ Tailoring Centre, with the help of Sister Rosemary, the director of the center, all to assist with literacy efforts in the area. The St. Monica Girls’ Tailoring Centre is a safe-haven for young women who have been subjected to horrors such as abduction, torture and more, as well as being forced to injure or kill family members while serving as soldiers in Kony’s army against their will.

With more than $12,000 in raised funds, the students set off to give their time and efforts to the Ugandan community. During their time in Uganda, the students helped sand, prime and paint the new library in St. Monica’s convent. In addition to helping abroad, the UCO students helped foster growth and leadership in students of all ages within the metro community, by engaging the students of Belle Isle Middle School in Oklahoma City. The middle school donated enough books to fill 23 suitcases, which then were taken to Uganda during the UCO trip.

Student body president Stockton Duvall attended the study tour and described the valuable experience.

“I think [the trip] was important, because it taught us, as students, that you can create change as a college student. You don’t have to wait until you’re grown up and settled into a job. Giving your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can present to someone.”

“I would say that on my trip the most important lesson that I learned is that we should strive to not always focus our work around ourselves, but instead be willing to be part of someone else’s story,” Duvall continued. “We each got to play a small part in the story of Sister Rosemary and all the other women at st. Monica’s and help in the best way we possibly could.”

Four women at St. Monica's convent in Uganda stand with student Stockton Duvall.

Stockton Duvall, student body president, stands with women from St. Monica’s in Gulu, Uganda.

For those searching for a way to give back, like this group of UCO students, Duvall gave this advice, “I would suggest trying new things and developing a passion in an area where you can help others. Dedicating your life to helping those around you, whether it be through your job here or overseas, can change your perspective on life for the better. If you have the opportunity to travel abroad, whether it is for a short time or an entire year, take it.”

Serve on, Bronchos!


girl stands in front of her bed in her dorm room

Dorm Room, Sweet Dorm Room

dorm room with bed, desk and various decor

Every summer, new students prepare for their first year here at the University of Central Oklahoma. Students search the depths of Pinterest, looking for the perfect packing list, dorm hacks, and most importantly, dorm decor. Decorating the perfect dorm is no small task and can often require hours of research, shopping and labor. Students spend hours wandering the aisles of Target, Hobby Lobby and Bed Bath and Beyond, to ensure that every detail will be both flawless and affordable.

This year, one Central student took dorm decorating to another level. Let’s just say that, if dorm room decorating were an Olympic sport, Abbey Tinsley would finish with a gold medal.

girl stands in front of her bed in her dorm room

Tinsley is a freshman this year, majoring in business, with the hopes of one day becoming a professional choreographer with her own dance studio. She is already making the most of her time at Central, serving as a member of the UCO Pom team and recently joining Sigma Kappa sorority. However, her greatest accomplishment thus far might just be her incredible dorm room.

Dorm room decorating can be tough, so we decided to ask the dorm room diva herself for some much-needed advice and inspiration.

photo of headboard with black and white stripes, with pillows in front and pineapple wall on the adjacent wallOne of the most unique things about Tinsley’s decor is her adorable, striped headboard and bed skirt. As many of us know, it is not easy to dress up your dorm, and it most certainly does not come cheap. Tinsley and her mother created their vision for the dorm room, and her grandmother helped bring that vision to life. Her headboard, bed skirt and curtains were all handmade by her grandmother to fit Tinsley’s personal style.

DIY is a great way to get a custom look for your dorm room while also staying within your budget. Following accounts on Instagram can be helpful.

“I have been following different dorm sites on Instagram for the past couple of years.  I searched the hashtags #collegedorm and #dormroom, just to see what people are doing, and the best way to use the space,” Tinsley said, of her search for inspiration.

Dorms are small – it’s one thing we can all agree on about campus living. Staying organized and finding a proper place for all of your belongings can be difficult, especially when sharing your room with another person. Tinsley combats her lack of space by “lofting” her bed, or raising up the bed to add additional space underneath. She placed all of her dressers underneath her bed, to allow for more space when moving throughout the room. Lofting your bed, like Tinsley did, is a great way to save space, while the addition of a bed skirt hid her dressers from view.

What makes someone want to go above and beyond when creating their dorm sweet dorm, especially when facing space and cost challenges?

“I wanted to make my move and transition to UCO a smooth one,” Tinsley said. “This will be my new home for ten months, so I wanted it to be comfortable.  I need to enjoy my surroundings, and I want to be happy when I’m in my room. My room is small, so I knew I needed to use the space wisely and be able to make it look less cluttered.”

Moving away from home can be hard, so making your new home comfortable can help with the transition and put you at ease.

Dorm decorating is a lot of pressure, but don’t freak out! With a little bit of research and a whole lot of hot glue, you can turn your dorm room into your home away from home.

3OH!3 logo

Throwback Tuesday – 3OH!3 on the M-I-C

Do you remember how old you were in 2008? What was in style? Who was your best friend? What music did you listen to? Oh, 2008 – it had some really good times, some really strange times, and honestly, some times that we would prefer to forget. But, while we’re reminiscing on the good ol’ days, let us gather to remember one of the most iconic happenings of 2008 – a band called 3OH!3, who slid their way into the limelight.

You’re probably thinking, “what does my favorite middle school band have to do with anything?” It has everything to do with kicking off the new Central year right. 3OH!3 will headline the UCO Stampede Week concert at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 22 on the Hamilton Field House front lawn.

As UCO prepares for this evening of nostalgia, we’re taking a look back at some of 3OH!3’s most memorable songs, collaborations and performances. We’re also going to take a timehop down memory lane and latergram a few pop culture happenings from 2008, just to make you feel super old (seniors, we’re looking at you).

a pair of gold hands forming a circle with the index fingers and thumbs

3OH!3 released their debut, self-titled album in 2004, but no one really knew who they were until the release of their album “Want” in 2008, which included the single “Don’t Trust Me.” The album reached number 44 on the Billboard 200. “Don’t Trust Me” soared to number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 and had us all wondering “what exactly is the Helen Keller?” In 2009, the band released a digital hit, a remix of their second hit single “Starstrukk.” The remix included pop singer Katy Perry and was a top-ten hit in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Finland and Poland. Just one year later, 3OH!3 paired up with Kesha for the song “My First Kiss,” which goes a little like this… Sorry. We couldn’t help ourselves.

Let’s rewind to 2008.  The good times – Zac Efron blessed the big screen again when “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” hit theaters, President Barack Obama was elected as the first African-American president of the United States and the opening ceremony for the Beijing Summer Olympics blew our minds. Then, there was the bad – Heath Ledger died and The Great Recession was in full swing. Of course, there was also the weird – Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house, Britney Spears had her meltdown and the first “Twilight” movie was released (good, bad or weird, we’ll let you decide).

We fell in love with “WALL-E,” we rocked Kanye glasses and we all mumbled along to “black dress, with the tights underneath,” thanks to 3OH!3.

And now, they’re back! Fresh from the studio with a brand-new album, titled “Night Sports,” 3OH!3 hits the Hamilton Field House lawn with a mixed bag of throwback hits and new music.

Ready for a night of flashbacks and feels? Don’t miss 3OH!3 at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 22. We’ll see you there!

Solar Eclipse of the Heart

retro science illustration of the solar eclipse with starry night background and typography. Web banner, card, poster or t-shirt design. vector illustration.Chances are, if you’ve been on the internet at all within the past week, two weeks or even month, you’ve probably heard about the solar eclipse coming to a sky near you on Monday, August 21. (Hey, isn’t there something else important happening at UCO on that day? Oh yeah! Welcome back, Bronchos!)

What even is a solar eclipse? 

Basically, the moon passes between the sun and Earth, blocking all or part of the sun for up to three hours, from beginning to end. However, for this eclipse, the longest time that the moon will completely block the sun, at any given location, will be for a little less than 3 minutes (2 minutes and 40 seconds, to be exact).

So, what’s the big deal with this solar eclipse anyway? 

Well, we’re glad you asked. The last time the United States saw a total eclipse was in 1979. That’s almost 40 years ago. Think about it. In 1979, the Soviet Union was still a thing, ESPN was born, Michael Jackson dropped his first solo album, gas was 86 cents per gallon and your parents were probably still in elementary school. So, needless to say, a total solar eclipse (that we can actually see) is super rare.

Well then, how can I see it? 

Another great question! We asked Dr. David Stapleton, a professor in Central’s College of Mathematics and Science, to help spill the tea on all of this eclipse stuff.

“We will not be in the path of totality for the eclipse here in Oklahoma. For example, in OKC, only about 84% of the sun will be eclipsed at the peak eclipse time,” Dr. Stapleton said.

That means that we’ll see a little bit of the sun, but most of it will be covered by the moon. However, it’ll still be a pretty cool sight. BUT there are some important safety tips that you should follow.

“Here in Oklahoma, eye damage will occur when looking at the sun all during the eclipse, unless appropriate glasses are worn,” said Dr. Stapleton. “The eclipse may also be viewed indirectly, such as by viewing its image projected through a pinhole in the back of a box or onto the ground.”

So, if you’re strolling along campus on the first day of classes during the eclipse, don’t look up at the sun! WE REPEAT, DON’T LOOK UP AT THE SUN (unless you’re prepared).

But, I WANT to see the eclipse, how do I get prepared? 

Unfortunately, at this point, the majority of solar glasses are sold out. However, a little bird (Dr. Stapleton) told us that there might be solar glasses available at Westlake Ace Hardware, near the registers. There are A LOT of solar glasses being sold online that ARE NOT safe to look through during the eclipse. However, here’s a list from NASA (they kinda know about suns and moons and things) about where you can safely buy solar glasses (if they’re still available).

If they’re not available, don’t worry! With the help of some good, old-fashioned arts and crafts, you can still view the eclipse. Try making your own eclipse viewfinder for your camera, or you can make one out of a box. You can also try pinhole projection.

Whatever way you’re going to view it, make sure it’s the safe way (so you don’t go blind). Check out these tips from NASA on how to safely view the eclipse.

Want more information?

Visit the official Total Solar Eclipse 2017 website. And make sure to watch this cool video from NPR:

The Future of Food Science – The Bee’s Knees?

When you think of food science, you’re likely to picture an upscale restaurant serving a gastronomical feat – such as a balloon made of sugar – or the creation of a hybrid fruit. However, an assistant professor in Central’s Department of Human Environmental Sciences, Dr. Kanika Bhargava (Ph.D.), suggests that insects may be in food science’s future.

Insects? Like bugs?

You heard right.

“Insects as a food ingredient are gaining interest,” Dr. Bhargava said. That’s why Central’s Nutrition and Food Science Program, along with the Oklahoma section of the Institute of Food Technologists, hosted a lecture featuring Aaron T. Dossey, Ph.D., during UCO’s Food Science Symposium.

The lecture, a part of the Spring 2017 symposium, focused on the chemical and biological diversity of invertebrates (animals without backbones) to develop sustainable technologies and products in the areas of agriculture, food and medicine.

The symposium also featured the Cricket Powder Fortified Baked Good Tasting Event, which challenged UCO food and nutrition majors to bake muffins, brownies, cereal bars and sourdough bread with 15 to 20 percent cricket powder.

You read that correctly. Cricket powder – as in, powder made of crickets.

Dossey is editor of the new book “Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients” and the founder of All Things Bugs, a company that develops sustainable eco-friendly technologies from insects to improve food security and health. Dossey earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from Oklahoma State University and a doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Florida. He is collaborating with Central’s Dr. Bhargava to apply advanced processing and evaluation technologies to insect-based food ingredients.

This type of technology is gaining traction, as symposium guests included Oklahoma food industry professionals from SONIC, Clements Foods Company, AdvancePierre Foods, BlendTech, McDonald’s Corporation, Shawnee Milling Company and OSU.

The symposium is part of Central’s Nutrition and Food Science graduate program, which strives to connect its students with internationally recognized faculty of registered dieticians and certified food scientists.

Who knew the future of food could be so buggy?

A Letter to Central’s Recent Graduates

As UCO grads settle into life post-graduation, Nathan Box, a Central alumnus (Broadcast Communications, ’07) penned a letter* to these new alumni on his own blog, offering sage advice for the future:

According to social media, another 1,000+ graduates turned their tassels at the University of Central Oklahoma. 10 years ago, I sat where they sat. As I listened to the names of my fellow graduates being read and watched as each accepted their degree, my mind was elsewhere. As soon as I walked off that basketball court, everything would be different. What was expected of me would change. My contributions would need to change. Responsibilities would shift fully in my direction. This life would become fully mine for the taking. The direction I had to choose was mine and mine alone. Happiness, success, contentment, and joy would be up to me. It all felt overwhelming. It was enough to make me want to get up walk out and pretend it never happened. Unfortunately, that simple act wouldn’t change facts. Turning my tassel and walking away from UCO would change everything. 

As many of my fellow graduates can attest, life came fast and it was nothing like what I expected. Your university experience and the experience shared by college students all around the country is really good at cementing confidence within you. The world is really good at putting you in your place. For some, jobs will come easily. For others, the road may be tiresome and disappointing. You may discover your degree prepared you perfectly or you want nothing to do with your chosen field. A few of you will find your dream job straight out of college. Most of you will spend your remaining years searching for something that may never come. It is my simple hope that our choice of institution prepared us for the paradoxes of life. I know it did for me. 

10 years later, I am not where I thought I would be. Perhaps, I suffered from delusions of grandeur. Maybe, I haven’t planned adequately. Maybe, I have missed opportunities. Or, maybe I am right where I am supposed to be. Only the test of time can judge such things. I, like many of you who graduated, live a life filled with fear of unmet potential. I don’t want my life to be wasted or lived in vain. I am of the belief that I only get one shot at this thing, therefore I should make the most of it. I know wholeheartedly that my education prepared me to squash my fear. In my mind, that preparation was worth the price of admission. If UCO is worth anything, you will be saying the same thing 10 years from now. 

Be good to each other, 


* This letter was edited for minor grammatical errors. View the original post by Nathan.