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CODI Announcements

10 days until camp! I hope everyone is as excited and ready for a great week. A few notes to help out with planning in the final days.
Remember, full payment is due prior to the start of camp. Please make sure payments are sent in ASAP so we can pay our excellent staff and for your dorm rooms and supplies.
Registration for dorm residents will be from 11-12:30 on Sunday July 20 in the Commons Clubhouse (Building 48 on the campus map). This should give students plenty of time to get settled into their dorm rooms and get to know the campus and surrounding area. After registering at the dorms, students will need to be at the Liberal Arts Building by 2:30 for the start of camp lectures. Most students use this time to unpack and eat lunch with their families before the camp begins.
Campus map: http://www.uco.edu/resources/campus_maps/campusmap.pdf
Registration for commuters will be from 1-2PM on Sunday, July 20 in the lobby of the Liberal Arts Building on the UCO campus. The Liberal Arts building is located north of 2nd Ave on Bauman and is building 27 on the campus map. This is the building that all of the camp activities will take place. We ask that people dropping off and picking up students use the North entrance of the building so that we can make sure that students have been picked up at the end of the day.
Some students have contacted me about late registration. If you cannot make the scheduled times please let me know so we can make appropriate arrangements.
Announcements will also be posted to the Facebook page for the camp along with pictures from the week. The Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/CentralOklahomaDebateInstitue
Announcements will also be posted to the UCO Debate blog at: http://blogs.uco.edu/bronchodebate/
Friday and Saturday of the camp are designated for the camp tournament. Family and friends are welcome to come watch the rounds.

2013 Central Oklahoma Debate Institute Information

Applications and information for the 2014 CODI can be found here: http://blogs.uco.edu/bronchodebate/2014/03/19/2014-central-oklahoma-debate-institute/


Dates: July 20-July 27th

You can access the application here: 2013 Central Oklahoma Debate Institute Student Application Packet


Registration Before June 1Cost of Institute: $300Cost of Housing: $200 Registration After June 1Cost of Institute: $350Cost of Housing: :$225


Previous CODI attendees receive a $75 tuition discount


What does my tuition cover?

  • Week of lectures and workshops aimed at improving debate knowledge and skills
  • T-Shirt and Water Bottle
  • One-on-one practice and coaching sessions
  • Individualized research training and work
  • Full evidence set
  • Updated evidence throughout the school year



Are meals included?

No. Students are free to choose their own meal options from various places on and nearby campus. Adequate time is built into the schedule to ensure that students will be able to be able to eat. Students can purchase meals on campus, but it is cheaper for the student to purchase them individually than to prepay for access to the cafeterias since many students will not eat every meal on campus.

When is the application deadline?

July 10th, 2013

Is there a deposit?

Yes. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit for commuter students. The non-refundable deposit for students staying in the dorms is $125. The deposit should accompany your application to the camp. The deposit will be applied to the balance of the camp cost.

When is my final payment due?

July 10th, 2013

What do I need to bring?

Students should bring all of the materials they need to participate in debate rounds. This includes pens, flow paper, etc. If you debate paperless you need to bring a laptop. If you debate on paper, you will need to bring files, accordions, and tubs.  Even if you are not debating paperless, you should still bring a laptop. It will help you write arguments and briefs for debate rounds. If you are staying on campus you should bring clothes, bed linens, a pillow, towel, and everything else you will need for the week.

How will the debate evidence be distributed?

All evidence will be distributed to the students electronically. Students wishing to debate off of paper will be responsible for printing out the files themselves.