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UCO Qualifies to the 2020 NDT

Congratulations to UCO’s Grant Colquitt and Zach Huffman for qualifying to the 74th National Debate Tournament as the eighth seed from District 3. This is the seventh year in a row UCO has qualified to the NDT.

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UCO Student Named State Champion

Freshman finance major Tasha Dozier was named the state champion in Prose and Dramatic Interpretation at the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Forensics Association (OIFA) State Championship Tournament Feb. 29 at Oklahoma City University.

She also placed fourth in Program Oral Interpretation.

2019 Central Oklahoma Debate Institute

2019 CODI Costs and Facts

Apply for the 2019 CODI Here

Dates July 21-27, 2019


  • Registration Before June 21:  Cost of Institute: $325 Cost of Housing: $275
  • Registration After June 21:  Cost of Institute: $375 Cost of Housing: :$325
  • Meal Plan: Cost $175 Covers 3 meals a day, M-F of the camp and Breakfast on Saturday. The Institute will provide Dinner on Sunday July 22 for everyone. Purchase of the meal plan is optional.

Previous CODI attendees receive a $100 tuition discount

Coaches interested in sending multiple students should contact Matthew Moore ( to inquire about special discounts.

Tuition discounts available to students facing financial need. Contact Matt Moore ( for details.

What does my tuition cover?

Week of lectures and workshops aimed at improving knowledge and skills, a T-Shirt, and a Water Bottle, One-on-one practice and coaching sessions, Individualized research training and work.


What events are offered? Policy Debate. We will break into several labs based on experience from Novice (little to no experience) to Advanced (Multiple years of experience).

We will also offer a Lincoln-Douglas track for students.

Are meals included? Meal plans are optional for students at additional costs. Those purchasing meal plans will have access to the campus dining halls. Those who choose not to purchase a meal plan are free to choose their own meal options from various places on and nearby campus. Adequate time is built into the schedule to ensure that students will be able to be able to eat.

When is the application deadline? July 10th, 2019

Is there a deposit? Yes. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit for commuter students. The non-refundable deposit for students staying in the dorms is $125. The deposit should accompany your application to the camp. The deposit will be applied to the balance of the camp cost.

When is my final payment due? July 10th, 2019

What do I need to bring? Students should bring all of the materials they need to participate in their events. This includes pens, paper, laptops, etc.  If you are staying on campus you should bring clothes, a pillow, towel, and everything else you will need for the week.

How will the debate evidence be distributed? All evidence will be distributed to the students electronically. Students wishing to debate off of paper will be responsible for printing out the files themselves.

What is the format of the camp? The CODI is a weeklong skills intensive camp. Students will engage in practice rounds, practice speeches, and intense one-on-one coaching designed to improve the students’ ability to execute arguments in competitive debate. Each track will have its own format to maximize the week. At the end of the week there will be a camp tournament.

Saturday Schedule 7/28

930- Drills and Round Prep

10- Tournament Round 4

12- Pizza Lunch

1215- Final Round- all students to be there to judge.

Awards to follow the final round

All activities should be over by 2PM. Parents, students will be in the Center for Transformative Learning Building and can be picked up there. We will not be at the dorms.

Friday Schedule and Tournament Pairings

930– Drills

10 Labs/Tournament Prep

12-1 Lunch *Note shortened meal hours


Round 1 Friday 1 PM

Room Aff Neg Judge
117 Elizabeth/David Jack/Caleb


118 Jaclyn/Paige


Salmaan/Elliauna Kolen
237 Nadia/Dakota


Blake/Charlie/Joe Loghry


Round 2 Friday 3PM

Room Aff Neg Judge
117 Salmaan/Elliauna Nadia/Dakota Colquitt
118 Jack/Caleb Jaclyn/Paige


237 Blake/Charlie/Joe Elizabeth/David Kolen


Round 3 Friday 6PM

Room Aff Neg Judge
117 Nadia/Dakota Elizabeth/David Bunas
118 Jaclyn/Paige Blake/Charlie/Joe Colquitt
237 Salmaan/Elliauna Jack/Caleb Kolen


Round 4 Sat 10 AM

Room Aff Neg Judge
117 Blake/Charlie/Joe Salmaan/Elliauna Shaurer
118 Elizabeth/David Jaclyn/Paige Bunas
237 Jack/Caleb Nadia/Dakota






Thursday 7/26/18 Schedule

930-10 Drills

10-12 Block Writing Session

12-130 Lunch

130-3 Cross Ex Lecture/Demo

3-5 Debates

5-630 Lunch

630-8 Speech Redoes

Wednesday Schedule 7/25/18

930-10 Drills

10-12- Courtney’s Argument Extension and Refutation Lecture (intended for the more beginner students) 237

Loghry’s Next Level Strategy Through Total Situational Awareness Lecture (intended for the more advanced students) 118

12-130 Lunch

130-3    118 Block Writing Tutorial + Block Writing Session

3-5         Practice Debate 1

5-630 Dinner

630- Lab Time All- Redo Tutorial

Redo Speeches.

Tuesday Schedule 7/24/18


Tuesday Schedule

930-10 Drills

10-12 All  118 Lab Time- Team Pairing

12-130- Lunch

130-3    118 Kritiks/Answering Kritiks (Shae)

237- Negative Strategies (Chris)

3-5         Lab- Prep for Debate

5-630- Dinner

630-8    Lab- Debate Prep

Monday Schedule 7/22/18

Monday Schedule


930-10 Drills

10-12    237 Beginning Debate- structure and content (Shae)

118 2AC argument answers (Chris)

12-130 Lunch

130        118 All- Impact Framing/Flowing (All)

5- Dinner

630-      237 Beginning Debate- Stock Issues/Off case (Matt)

118 Disadvantage Debating (Courtney)