CODI Saturday Schedule


Parents are welcome to attend all events on Saturday

Round 4 Starts at 9AM

11- Pizza

We will announce the teams in finals as soon as we have the results. We want the final round to start at 1145.

Immediately after finals we will have a brief awards ceremony. If everything runs on time we should be done right around 2PM.

Dorm students- Have your rooms cleaned up and packed before coming over in the morning. Take any trash out. The RAs will make sure everything is clean and check you out of your room and collect your keys/cards. You can store your luggage in Liberal Arts (we will lock it in a classroom).

If you have a meal plan card you need to turn it in. Failure to do so will result in a $10 charge from the university. Lost dorm keys will also be charged (I do not know how much, probably $50).