Month: July 2014

CODI Schedule Thursday-Saturday

Here is the schedule for the next few days. Reminder that camp will be finished by 2 PM on Saturday so please make sure transportation arrangements have been made.

CODI 2014 Thursday, July 24 Schedule

9AM Lecture- Kritiks Liberal Arts Room 215

11:30 Lunch

1PM Labs

4:30 Dinner

6PM- Labs


CODI 2015 Friday, July 25 Schedule

9AM Labs

11:30 Lunch

1PM- Round 1

2:45 Round 2

4:30 Tournament Pizza Party

6 PM Rd 3

After Round Three Report back to your labs


CODI 2025 Saturday, July 26 Schedule

9AM Round 4

11 AM Final Round- All Students Should be there to Judge

Awards Immediately Following the Round

2PM Camp Dismissed

Wednesday Schedule

CODI 2014 Wednesday, July 23 Schedule
9AM Lecture- Liberal Arts Room 213- Topicality and Theory
11:30 Lunch
1PM- Labs
4:30 Dinner
6PM Return to Labs
8PM Dismissed

CODI 2014 Tuesday, July 22 Schedule


9AM Lecture- Liberal Arts Room 213- Counterplans. Lab Assignments after the lecture

11:30 Lunch

1PM- Demo Debate- LAR 213 followed by labs.

4:30 Dinner

6PM Return to Labs

8PM Dismissed

CODI 2014 Monday, July 21st Schedule

9AM Lecture- Liberal Arts Room 213- Case Debate and Disadvantages. Lab Assignments after the lecture

11:30 Lunch

1PM- Lab Bunas’s Lab- Liberal Arts 219; Loghry and Yost’s Lab Liberal Arts 217; Moore and Fifelski’s Lab LAR 215

4:30 Dinner

6PM Return to Labs

8PM Dismissed

Parking at CODI

Just a few more days until the CODI. Our parking department has asked me to get a count of the number of people who will need parking permits for the week. If you are staying in the dorms and will have a vehicle on campus for the week you will need a permit. If you are a commuter and will be parking your car on campus all day you will also need a parking permit. Please email me ( if you need a permit.

CODI Laptops

Just as a reminder for all of the students attending the CODI, a laptop computer with Microsoft Word is needed for the debate camp. If you do not have a computer and would like to borrow one from the UCO debate team please contact Matt Moore (

CODI Announcements

10 days until camp! I hope everyone is as excited and ready for a great week. A few notes to help out with planning in the final days.
Remember, full payment is due prior to the start of camp. Please make sure payments are sent in ASAP so we can pay our excellent staff and for your dorm rooms and supplies.
Registration for dorm residents will be from 11-12:30 on Sunday July 20 in the Commons Clubhouse (Building 48 on the campus map). This should give students plenty of time to get settled into their dorm rooms and get to know the campus and surrounding area. After registering at the dorms, students will need to be at the Liberal Arts Building by 2:30 for the start of camp lectures. Most students use this time to unpack and eat lunch with their families before the camp begins.
Campus map:
Registration for commuters will be from 1-2PM on Sunday, July 20 in the lobby of the Liberal Arts Building on the UCO campus. The Liberal Arts building is located north of 2nd Ave on Bauman and is building 27 on the campus map. This is the building that all of the camp activities will take place. We ask that people dropping off and picking up students use the North entrance of the building so that we can make sure that students have been picked up at the end of the day.
Some students have contacted me about late registration. If you cannot make the scheduled times please let me know so we can make appropriate arrangements.
Announcements will also be posted to the Facebook page for the camp along with pictures from the week. The Facebook page is
Announcements will also be posted to the UCO Debate blog at:
Friday and Saturday of the camp are designated for the camp tournament. Family and friends are welcome to come watch the rounds.