2013 High School Debate Tournament Invite

2013 University of Central Oklahoma Debate Tournament

The University of Central Oklahoma Debate team invites you to attend the 2013 University of Central Oklahoma High School Debate Tournament Friday October 25 through Saturday October 26.

The tournament will offer open and novice divisions in policy and Lincoln-Douglas debate. Policy divisions will use the 8-3-5 time format with 5 minutes of preparation time. LD divisions will use standard time limits and 3 minutes of preparation time. The LD topic will be the September/October NFL topic. The CX topic will be the high school 2013-2014 Policy topic.

Schools are expected to bring qualified judges to cover their entries. Judges must have a minimum of two years debate experience in the activity they are judging. Schools are expected to provide one judge for every two policy teams or portion thereof and one judge for every 4 LD entries or portion thereof. Schools will be charged $100 for each uncovered policy entry and $50 for each uncovered LD entry. Judges are obligated for both days. Schools will be fined $50 for each round their judges fail to show up for.

We will strive to keep entry fees low in order to maximize the opportunity for debate. Entry fees are $10 per policy team and $10 per LD entry. Fees for uncovered entries are $100 for each uncovered policy team and $50 for each uncovered LD entry.

Tournament entries can be made either through the iDebate tabroom site (http://www.tabroom.com/index/index.mhtml) or emailed directly to Matt Moore (mmoore3@uco.edu). If emailing entries, please make sure you get a confirmation email in case entries get lost in spam filters. All entries are due by Tuesday, October 22 at 5PM. Registration at tabroom.com is highly recommended for all participants as it allows individual entry of judging preferences, receipt of ballots, and access to the pairings. Judges registered on the site can enter their ballots online as well. Judge preferences will be open on tabroom.com on Thursday, October 24.

We do have a limited amount of classroom space for rounds. We ask that teams limit their entries to three in each division. Any after three will be placed on a waitlist and entered into the tournament as space becomes available. We will try our best to get as many rooms as possible for the tournament to allow the most participation. We currently have over 30 rooms reserved and more are possible. We will notify schools of waitlisted entries on Wednesday October 23 after all initial entries are received.

All judges are required to pick a winner and a loser of each round. We will use a 30-point speaker scale allowing for a tenth-of-a-point differences. We encourage disclosure of decisions and oral reasons for decision. Judges are expected to keep decisions short and ballots should be entered/turned in prior to giving a decision. All ballots are due one hour and 45 minutes after the start of each round in policy and 50 minutes in each LD round.

There will be 5 preliminary rounds in each division with an appropriate number of elimination rounds based on entries.

Coaches and judges are expected to be available for the first elimination round and one round after their last team is eliminated. Please do not leave the tournament without first consulting the tabroom.

Friday October 25
2-4PM- Registration- Liberal Arts Building Lobby
4:30 PM – Rd 1
6:30 PM – Rd 2

8:30 AM- Rd 3
10:30 AM- Rd 4
1:30 PM – Round 5
3:30 PM First Elimination Round
5:30 PM Awards
7:30 Second Elimination Round
9:30 Third Elimination Round