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Tips from a world traveler

After traveling to Europe this summer I can say I learned more in two weeks about history, culture, and traditions than I have in my life. If I knew someone who was going on a trip similar to mine I would have several travel tips for them!

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Travel tips for those future travelers

I’ve¬†definitely¬†gained a lot from this experience. The European media study tour has open my eyes in so many ways. One of the most important things I’ve learned from this experience is the way one must travel. So for anyone that wants to travel in the near future keep these points in mind.

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Tips, must-do’s, and mistakes Amsterdam Style!

Being a first-time traveler to London, Belgium, and Amsterdam, I did not know what I had stored for myself. Everything from being on a plane to trying new foods, It was all an experience of a lifetime that has showed me a much different side of the world.

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