Getting Out of My Brain to Do Something Transformative

Photo of MA graduate, Jacob Jardel

[by Jacob Jardel]

Whenever anyone asks what degree I graduated with this semester, the answer is easy: I got a Master of Arts degree in English with a focus on Composition and Rhetoric. The question that usually follows is some form of “What does that even mean?” I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this every time I get that question. And . . .  read more

STLR Graduate, John Creter

Photo of STLR graduate cords and robe

We’re proud of all of our 300+ STLR Transformation graduates from Spring 2020. John Creter, who received his Bachelor’s degree in History Education, shares about one of his STLR experiences, working with UCO staff, Anna Doughty, to spread awareness of the program “Fostering Student Success.” View his video below: