The Forest for the Trees: A Personal Reflection on Transformative Learning and Study Abroad

Photo of a class of OSU students in the Honduran forest

Written by Charles Gosset, ACC; Associate Certified Coach; Full Integration Coaching, LLC. — 

Long before I had ever heard the term “transformative learning,” I was being exposed to educational opportunities that developed my beyond-disciplinary skills and expanded my relationship with self, others, community and environment ( . . .  read more

Mythos and Logos in Transformative Faculty’s Toolkits

Greek philosophers

Transformative Learning (TL) is an instructional approach well suited to helping prepare graduates for the new world of work, which Reich (2019) and others say is increasingly characterized by contingent contracts and a gig economy. TL helps students discover themselves via reflection, an important step toward being able to narrate themselves successfully . . .  read more