The Rise of the Learning Architect

Dr. Bucky Dodd


In this article, I introduced the concept of The Learning Architect as a path forward for the learning design profession. Educators and learning professionals are working in situations where there are few reliable and tested methods for solving the learning problems people encounter. A path towards preparing learning architects sets forth a renewed vision for how learning professionals add value. We need a holistic view of learning and a dedication to designing collective environments that employ simple solutions and are value-driven. . . .  read more

Debate and the Central Six

Debate and the Central Six

The University of Central Oklahoma’s debate represents the school’s commitment to transformative learning. As traditional universities seek to provide meaningful educational experiences for their students, many have been engaged in practices of transformative learning from the very beginning. The University of Central Oklahoma has maintained a debate team since the 1890s. Like UCO, debate has changed a great deal since the days of the Territorial Normal School, and these changes have allowed debate to evolve into one of the strongest examples of transformative learning on the UCO campus. Transformative learning is a holistic process that revolves around the “Central Six.” The debate team at UCO provides student with experiences with each of the “Central Six.” . . .  read more