Surviving Campus Parking

For many, the thought of parking on campus brings on headaches, frustration, maybe even tears. You can put away the ibuprofen and tissues because we are here to help you survive campus parking.

The first step is getting a parking permit for your car. If you don’t have one, stop reading and go purchase one from Transportation and Parking Services.

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Keep the Change: What’s new on the UCO campus?

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Welcome to another year at Central! While you’ve been enjoying the sweet, sweet freedom of summer, we’ve made a few changes around here. From parking and transportation to buildings and dining, there are signs of change on every corner of campus. Here’s what to expect during your first time back to UCO:

Closed for Business – Ayers Street

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Parking at CODI

Just a few more days until the CODI. Our parking department has asked me to get a count of the number of people who will need parking permits for the week. If you are staying in the dorms and will have a vehicle on campus for the week you will need a permit. If you are a commuter and will be parking your car on campus all day you will also need a . . .  read more