Kaleidoscope Dance Company Fall Concert

The University of Central Oklahoma
College of Fine Arts and Design
and the
Department of Dance

UCO Kaleidoscope Dance Company
With KD2
2022 Fall Concert

7:30pm Nov. 17-19
Mitchell Hall Theatre

Faculty and Guest Choreographers

 Bubba Carr  •  Sheri Hayden
Tina Kambour  •  Kim Loveridge
Amy Nevius  •  
Alexander Olivieri
Hui Cha Poos  •  Nate Tylor
Andrew Wass

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UCO Students Dance Their Way to a Better World

BronchoThon Leadership Team_Sept 24 2016_1

University of Central Oklahoma students are brushing up on all of the latest moves for participation in BronchoThon, an 8-hour dance marathon dedicated to the many children who are assisted by Children’s Miracle Network. BronchoThon is UCO’s version of popular dance marathons done by universities throughout the nation. BronchoThon is new to UCO . . .  read more