Social Responsibility in 2020 Conference

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What is your social responsibility in this year of pandemic, a national election, more calls for social justice, and more? UCO’s annual Media Ethics Conference, in collaboration with the Fusion Conference, will offer opportunities to hear from and discuss this very topic.

Even better news? The event is FREE and is available virtually through . . .  read more

Inclusion and Transformation at ITLC

Photo of Columbia University Teacher's College, NYC

Written by Trevor Cox, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Organizational Leadership, Adult Education and Safety Sciences


For me, the beginnings of a transformative experience is when I have new questions — questions I had never thought about before and questions I do not quite have the answer to yet. So I want to share some of the new questions . . .  read more

TL Conference 2017 Reflections

Logo of the Transformative Learning Conference 2017, March 2-3, Oklahoma City

Written by Mark Maddy, Ed.D., Educational Sciences, Foundations and Research – 

The concept of transformation and Transformative Learning have been hallmarks of the educational practice at the University of Central Oklahoma for many years, creating an atmosphere that inspires creativity and diversity in instruction and assessment. I have had . . .  read more

ABLE Enabled Me

Dr. Rebecca Williams

by Rebecca Williams — 

I recently attended the annual Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE) conference in Houston. The ABLE conference encouraged me to make my UCO Entomology course more transformative.  Before the conference I planned out many exercises, nearly covering the entire semester.  However, it was mostly identification . . .  read more