Keep the Change: What’s new on the UCO campus?

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Welcome to another year at Central! While you’ve been enjoying the sweet, sweet freedom of summer, we’ve made a few changes around here. From parking and transportation to buildings and dining, there are signs of change on every corner of campus. Here’s what to expect during your first time back to UCO:

Closed for Business – Ayers Street

The days of cutting across campus using Ayers are over. What was a barrier is now a bridge, connecting the two sides of campus into one community space. What does this mean for you? Well, for one, crossing the street just became a whole lot safer. Pedestrian access across the street won’t be interrupted by passing cars, meaning you are free to roam across campus, stress-free. The closure of Ayers also marks the beginning of a new phase of food for Central, as the new dining center’s construction is underway, set to open next year.

  • Food for Thought – New Restaurant Options

    Speaking of a new phase of food for Central, we’ve got a host of new dining options just waiting to be explored. The best part? All of these options are available for meal swipes. . . .  read more

  • Unlocking the Secrets of Learning Innovation

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    Written by Bucky J. Dodd, PhD –

    The Institute for Learning Environment Design recently attended the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate conference in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to catching up with many of our collaborators from other institutions, we also unveiled a new visual analytics tool for accelerating learning innovation called the Learning Environment Innovation Inventory (LEI2). We had the privilege of sharing this tool at a collaborative workshop. . . .  read more

    Marketing Professor Reflects on President Betz’ conversation on “What are we doing here?”

    UCO Photo by Daniel Smith.

    Author: Dr. Jeri Jones-

    The UCO teacher center, the Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning (CETTL), holds a monthly informal discussion called the Socrates and Stein Café.  Modeling the early French Salons and Socrates, UCO faculty are invited to come and share thoughts over cookies and tea on a big question in the academy. Every month is a different question. Faculty participating in the 21st Century Pedagogy Institute are asked to write a post-session critical reflection about their experience. Jeri Jones (UCO Associate Professor of Marketing) selected a few themes from the November 16, 2016 session lead by President Don Betz to reflect upon as they relate to her life as a faculty member.  . . .  read more