Training Events – 2022

High School Teacher Curriculum Training: August 1-4, 2022

Topics Covered: Crime Scene Processing, Impression Evidence, Digital Forensics, Behavioral Analysis of Crime Scenes, DNA Analysis, Forensic Science and the Law, and Wildlife, Forensics

Training Events – 2021

Technical Investigations Training (40 hours CLEET certified): May 17-21, 2021

Oklahoma Division of the IAI Annual Training Conference (21 hours CLEET certified): June 2-4, 2021

Ballistics IQ Training and Demonstration  – for crime scene investigators and firearms examiners from different law enforcement agencies as well as FSI faculty. Ballistics . . .  read more

Training Events – 2019

  • Presumed Compliance, Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association, Feb 21-22
  • The Art of Perception, NY Times Best Selling Author Amy Herman, Mar 12
  • Oklahoma Missing Persons Day, Apr 13
  • Asset Forfeiture, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Western District,, Apr 16
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, FBI Dallas, June 15
  • IAI Conference, June 5-7

Training Events – 2018

Moot Court Training, DNA Solutions, March 16

FS Workshop for Nation Conference on Undergrad Research, April 4-7

Seminar on Discovery and Evidence for DEA and ATF with WDOK, May 9

Workshop on LC/MS for OSBI, Tulsa PD and OKC PD, May 14

Training Events – 2015

Implementing and Evaluating 3D Technology in a 2D World, Orlando, February 16

Dr. Jane Homeyer, Deputy Associate Director, National Intelligence, “Ethics, Doing the Little Things Right”, April 3

Behavorial Aspects of Child Abductions, Missouri, April 14