The Impact of Legacy

The Impact of Legacy – The Central community extends multiple generations, all of which leave a lasting and impactful legacy. Pictured, UCO President Patti Neuhold- Ravikumar. Photo by Lauren Bieri.

Carrying Legacy

Commencement – a beginning and an ending.

For most students, reaching commencement is among the most joyous moments in both their academic careers and lives in general. The end of years of work and the beginning of the next chapter of their lives. And we would be remiss to forget the families who stood by their students through their academic journeys – watching them achieve their dreams . . .  read more

Homecoming 2022

Bronchos Untamed

The University of Central Oklahoma celebrated Homecoming 2022 with a week of events in October. The theme, “Bronchos Untamed,” showcased the unstoppable spirit of Central students, faculty, staff and alumni. Past, present and future Bronchos engaged at the homecoming festival and tailgate; honored graduates, faculty and staff from 1972 and prior . . .  read more

Student Spotlight

RaeAnn Walters

By Hannah Horan

EVERY YEAR, GENEROUS DONORS AND ALUMNI choose to provide funding for a variety of scholarship opportunities at Central. These scholarships are awarded to students who have gone above and beyond in their education and involvement within the University of Central Oklahoma and the community – like RaeAnn Walters.

Walters is new to the . . .  read more

Teaching Through Trauma

Breaking the Mental Health Stigma in Newsrooms

By Deirdre Steiner

YOU CAN ASK VIRTUALLY ANYONE OVER THE AGE OF 30 where they were Sept. 11, 2001, and they’ll likely give you a detailed account – the most mundane details of the day that are seared in their memories.

Every generation has these pivotal events that become part of our collective memories and experience. Most understand that these . . .  read more

The Bond of Bronze and Blue

One Family’s 93-Year Central Legacy

By Kyla Carter

Legacy. Something handed down from the past to the next generation. For some, a legacy is represented by an item or piece of property, but for the Hurt-Kusek family, legacy meant something much more – the bond of a Central education that would continue through four generations and span 93 years.


In 1930, Grace Rice Shaw received her teaching certificate . . .  read more

A Tale of Two Nighs

By Hannah Horan

WHEN THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA named the university center, the Nigh University Center in 2001, the name and honor focused on a particular member of the Nigh family – George Nigh. He, and his accomplishments, are well documented and have cemented his incredible legacy of service to the people of Oklahoma.

But, in the case . . .  read more

Reflecting on a Legacy

A Conversation with President Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar

By Adrienne Nobles

Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar made history as the University of Central Oklahoma’s first female president. Since beginning the position in July 2019, she’s led the university through historic events – namely the COVID-19 pandemic and unprecedented financial challenges. There were also great achievements, including advancements in . . .  read more

From the President


As I prepare to end my time as president, I can’t help but think about the relevance of a legacy. A person may not have given their legacy focused attention; however, if asked, they likely could verbalize what they want people to remember about them. Envisioning legacy is a subconscious act that lives within every choice we make. The . . .  read more