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Mandatory Advising Across College Types

Is advising mandatory for undergraduate students? ┬áChart showing percentage break-outs for whether advising is mandatory at small 2-year colleges, mid-large 2-year colleges, small public 4-year colleges, mid-large 4-year public institutions, small 4-yr private institutions, and mid-large 4-yr private institutions, plus the combined totals. Results show 60% saying yes, 26% showing yes for some, and 15% […]

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Barring Reporters from Campus Protests

Bar chart showing % of college students and % of adults who say students should be able to bar reporters from campus protests. 19% of male students, and 18% of U.S. adults say yes; 37% of female students, and 23% of U.S. adult females say yes; 24% of white students say yes, and 14% of […]

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Critical Thinking Snapshot

Critical Thinking Competencies from College infographic.

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