Feature Story: Exit Interview Process Improvement

Sydney Wood, Employee Relations Specialist

It’s been said by many, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been.” A motto that consistently makes me reflect on how I can improve, whether that be in my personal life or at work. I’m lucky enough to work in an environment full of people who have that same dedication to improvement. A constant . . .  read more

Get-to-Know a Broncho

Erin Logan, Title IX Coordinator and Director of Student Conduct

What is your background?

Growing up, my dad worked for the airlines, so I had the opportunity to live in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida. Finally settling into life in my early 20s, I found the University of West Florida in Pensacola, where I earned my undergraduate degree in public relations and a graduate degree in educational leadership. After completing . . .  read more

Employee Referral Winner and Process Updates

Paige Buchanan, Recruitment Specialist

We are excited to announce this year’s Employee Referral Winner. Congratulations to Crimson Mason, administrative assistant in the Modern Languages department, on winning a reserved parking space for one year. Thank you for referring Kressley Werth, our new administrative assistant in the History and Geography department, to UCO. We are incredibly . . .  read more

Policy Changes

Mary Deter-Billings, Manager of Employee Relations

Each year, Employee Relations conducts a review of current UCO policies and updates as necessary in partnership with those who manage the policy. In an effort for these policy changes and modifications to be more accessible to the campus community, a page has been set up on The Hub to showcase exactly what changes took place during the policy review. . . .  read more

UCO Young Professionals Faculty and Staff Association Upcoming Events

The UCO Young Professionals Faculty and Staff Association (UCOYP) serves as a resource group to connect and support professionals in their careers at UCO through networking, professional development and community engagement opportunities. UCOYP is open to any employee at UCO, no matter their age or experience level. See upcoming events below:

Leading through Adversity Q&A

Join . . .  read more

Tech Corner: Tech Tips for Completing Your Annual Required Trainings

Stephanie Edwards, Manager of Web Strategy and IT Communications

2021 is flying by and now is the time to make sure you are on track for completing your annual required training. Log into the UCO Learning Center to access your assigned learning, view/print your Learning Transcript and track personal learning.

For more information on how to access the UCO Learning Center and your required annual trainings, check . . .  read more

Faculty Senate Update

Kristi Archuleta, Professor of Organizational Leadership, Adult Education and Safety Sciences

The UCO Faculty Senate typically holds meetings the second Thursday of each month at 2 p.m. The fall meetings for 2021 begin the second Thursday of September, Sept. 8. Due to fall break, the October meeting will be held Tuesday, Oct. 12 (pending Faculty Senate approval). The November meeting is Nov. 11 and in December . . .  read more

Staff Senate Update

Ellen Schmidt, Master Electrician, Mitchell Hall Theater

Did you know that in addition to our Staff Senate committees, senators also represent us on university-wide committees?

Current university-wide committees include:

  • University Planning Council: Senator Edwards-Johnson
  • Inclusive Community Response Team Advisory Council: Senator Wimmer
  • Committee on Diversity: Senator Wimmer
  • Employee Insurance Committee: Senator Beezley
  • Mission, Vision, and Values Task Force: Senators Delaney, Beezley, and Wallace

Some previous university-wide committees with Staff Senate representation include:

  • Branding Initiative
  • Business Continuity Oversight Council
  • Committee for University IT Project Prioritization
  • Communicator’s Council
  • Employee Assistance Program Committee
  • Employee Wellness Committee
  • Healthy Campus Leadership Team
  • Oklahoma Higher Education Employee Insurance Group
  • Professional Development Advisory Committee
  • Transformative Learning for Employees Task Force
  • Transportation and Parking Committee
  • Web Accessibility Higher Ed Project Team

The Staff Senate held a meeting Tuesday, Aug. 3. The guest speaker was President Neuhold-Ravikumar. The Stakeholder Relations committee introduced SSR-2021/2022-001. Committees are scheduling their meetings and are in conversations . . .  read more

August New Faculty and Staff

Dr. Amanda Putnam
Associate Professor & Chair

Dr. Chunghyeon Seo
Assistant Professor
Criminal Justice

Dr. David Rehfeld
Assistant Professor
Donna Nigh Department of Advanced Professional and Special Services

Dr. Erin Logan
Director of Student Conduct & Title IX Coordinator
Student Conduct

Milos Ajdinovic
Assistant Professor
Mass Communications

 . . .  read more